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2008/10/26 11:44:24 (permalink)


Bought some the other day to soak some chicken in. I had a flashback to when I was a kid and my father would drink a cold glass of it, made me want to throw up, smelled sour and you could see the yellow bits of butter floating around, this was before the AMA decided everything is going to kill you...anyone out there still drink Buttermilk?

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    RE: Buttermilk 2008/10/26 11:51:06 (permalink)
    I do not drink milk or buttermilk period. That is because of my experience of visiting a friend of minee's high volum dairy. It was mid July and about 25 years ago. At that time I was required to wear suits daily. The barn was hot, flies were everywhere, the cows were being automatically milked and one pooped due to her diet of East Tennessee fescue which apparently gives cows daily diahrrea.

    I was splattered like I had hit a mine field and smelled worse. To this day, I have not been able to ingest any milk or buttermilk.

    I use buttermilk for cooking. I use powdered milk and add a small amount of vinegar. I am sure that this is not as good as the real thing but it is what I do and it works for me.

    Paul E. Smith
    Knoxville, TN
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    RE: Buttermilk 2008/10/26 13:18:36 (permalink)
    I grew up drinking buttermilk. My grandparents used to buy it by the gallon. It doesn't taste the same as the buttermilk that you find nowdays in only quart bottles that's thin like regular milk and tastes sour. What I remember as buttermilk was thick, sometimes so thick that it barely poured out and had the little yellow flecks in it and had real taste that was somewhat "cheesy". What I buy now for soaking my chicken is nothing like that. Perhaps dairy's in other areas still make the good stuff, but not around here. I can easily understand why someone would get a bad impression based on what's available now.

    Neither of my kids would drink milk much less buttermilk. One became so lactose intolerant that even a small amount will double her over with cramps. The only milk that we kept around the house was Lactaid for cooking. The elementary school they went to stopped serving mandatory milk with their lunches because so many kids had similar problems and that was over 20 years ago. I think that I remember hearing that the public school system was doing the same some time ago.
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    RE: Buttermilk 2008/10/26 13:26:57 (permalink)
    I now love drinking buttermilk; something I certainly was not "into" as a kid! Ancient Mariner also started a great thread on this very subject awhile back.

    ann peeples
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    RE: Buttermilk 2008/10/26 13:36:44 (permalink)
    Mom loved drinking buttermilk, especially when it was delivered in the old glass bottles from the milkman years ago.I couldnt do it, but do use buttermilk for making my ranch dressing...
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    RE: Buttermilk 2008/10/26 13:55:50 (permalink)
    Actually, now a days, buttermilk is touted as being "fat free". I have a hard time believing that, but stranger things have been known to happen. Like 1/2 & 1/2 sold as "fat free"....have you ever read those labels??????? Talk about an oxymoron!

    I do not drink milk- just have never liked it- but I do use buttermilk for cakes, biscuits, and for soaking chicken- you know there was a show on PBS yesterday and they brined the chicken in buttermilk with salt added for only one hour, and then fried it up.....looked really good.
    The dairy that we purchase all our milk etc from (Braum's) actually has a very thick buttermilk and they sell it in both quarts and half gallons. Always have to shake it well before using.
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    RE: Buttermilk 2008/10/26 15:54:08 (permalink)
    My grandmother enjoyed drinking buttermilk when I was a child. I learned to like it as an adult. Some brands are thicker and better than others. My favorite brand of buttermilk is by Highland with Bordens being my next favorite.

    Anyone else have any favorite brands for drinking?
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    RE: Buttermilk 2008/10/26 16:53:15 (permalink)
    I probably drink about a half gallon a week...we have a brand here in WI called Swiss Valley. It's quite thick and creamy and has that nice "tangy" aftertaste. I remember years ago the little butter flecks, but don't see them anymore. Between real apple cider, sweet tea, regular milk, I'd say buttermilk is a favorite.
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    RE: Buttermilk 2008/10/30 18:17:33 (permalink)
    I love Buttermilk, just had a glass last Monday at Andersons Pea Soup restaurant in Santa Nelle CA. Had a classic turkey dinner with real mashed potatoes,Gravy and Cranberry sauce, washed it down with a tall cool glass of buttermilk. Great taste.
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