Cafe pancake recipe

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2006/10/22 01:26:43 (permalink)

Cafe pancake recipe

I'm having trouble with making consistent fluffy pancakes.

I just started at a little disfunctional cafe and they've been using Krustez <sp?>. We also have a limitation as in having to make them on a 1 1/2' x 2' elec hotplate. They just opened for b-fast about a months ago and looking into proper equipment (see my posts about grill and cleaning issues).

Some days I can't make them to order because I frequently have several tickets and I'm the only cook. So up till now (meaning this past week since starting) I've relied on the method they used before which is make up a box and keep in fridge.

No, it doesn't work.

Unfortunately it also means that in order to make them edible you have to add more water than called for and they turn into kind of an illegitimate child of crepes and pancakes. If I make them thicker they're really hard and rubbery.

So how does IHOP do it? Given they probably have someone to just mix batter...does anyone have any idea what I can do? I know what IHOP does for omelettes, just not batter longevity in the first place.

I've considered a little batter shaker and actually make them to order and just eat the extra few minutes. You know, like a 2 c plastic measure cup with a lid? I'm also trying a couple of different mixes.

Or what? I'm open to suggestions here. I need fast and quality. At least until they get the equipment sorted out.

Oh, and at present I can't cook any more than three or 4 at a time anyway given the grill space.

I know you can make some ahead of time and re-warm them. Any thoughts on this as well?

Thanks for your help.



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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2006/10/22 08:46:36 (permalink)
    april, this is my area, i love two things... fixing a defunct food business, and cooking(and eating) breakfast.
    for pancakes, you can make the batter plenty ahead of time, and have great cakes, the problem sounds to me like the flour you are using is improper. first, dont use an instant mix, that is crap.
    you should make from scratch, and hold in refer. go buy a 'pancake gun', as that is how most places do it. guns are anywhere from tweenty to a hundred dollars. usually aluminum alloy funnel shaped with a spring loaded pump protuuding from the top. they are adjustable, so you can make big or small cakes.
    now, the recipe. i cannot remembe rthe exact quantities, but you will figure that out, if you work on it. you will need self rising flour, buttermilk, eggs, and oil. tadah..... thats it.
    i used something like three quarts butter milk, two quarts fresh eggs(without the shells..heehee) ,and like a gallon container(wild guess, maybe much more) of flour. dont whip out the lumps, just stir, and let it rise. keep in fridge, good for 24 hours appr...
    as for your grill, if its still covered in funk, take a heavy tool, like a pry bar with a flat end, and scrap all that junk off.
    then take a red brick, wrap in with a green s=crubbie, then wrap with a piece of med sand paper. puor a cup of oil onto the grill, then scrub with the brick/scrubbie/sandpaper tool.
    this should bring back the shine...
    depending on the grill, you may or may not have to oil before each pancake...
    hope this helps.....
    i fall else fails, drop pancakes, and do waffles. you can get free waffle irons with the mix, from certain companies,,,,ask your supplier.
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2006/10/22 13:07:48 (permalink)
    Bassrocker, you are so right. My aunt was a test cook for Betty Crocker, years ago. She passed her pancake recipe to my cousin. When I visited her in Georgia she made them for me and I could not believe how simple the recipe was. I don't think she used any oil, just the SR flour, buttermilk and eggs. But they're delicious either way.
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2007/06/30 19:46:56 (permalink)

    LOL -------- I was just using the same krusy stuff myself this morning! I made a few batches because I got it on sale at Shop-Rite. Didn't realize i bought two different kinds. The second time I used the belgium waffle mix. And just made pancakes with those. But you add the eggs water and oil. You can add a little fruit flavoring or pie filling to make different kinds. My favorite is adding peanut butter and honey. With a strawberry and sgar concoction for a topping. But to get back to the point, you can't use the just add water kind. Unless you are in a bind, then just add a little extra water.
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2007/06/30 21:31:48 (permalink)
    Soft pastry flour ... Pancakes, Try White Lilly Flour, best pancakes you'll every make
    Just can't make the same thing with All Purpose Flour (Gold Medal)
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2007/06/30 21:42:00 (permalink)
    Soda water and a pinch of baking powder to the mix would help also. Hard to say without seeing the process.
    Baah Ben
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2007/07/01 15:16:27 (permalink)
    Tons fo good pancake recipies on the Internet. The suggestion of adding soda water is one I read about. Great idea. Get yourself a blender and whip up the batter before using..that's what they do at Village Inn's (wonderful California breakfast chain) and their pancakes are wonderful...they use that process to make their omlets, too.

    You can also get dried buttermilk that converts on a 4 to 1 ratio with water. Use that in lieu of milk.
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2007/07/03 06:03:12 (permalink)
    The two biggest mistakes that people make when makeing a batter is as someone else said is.

    Number one- Don't over mix the batter. You do not want to develope the gluten.
    Number two- After mixing let the batter rest.
    Griddle temp is also important. You want it hot enough to get that initial spring or rise from the batter, much like you do bread. Chow Jim
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2007/07/07 14:20:41 (permalink)
    If you are going to hold the batter and want it to still produce fluffy pancakes, you need to make sure you are using "double acting" baking powder ... not "single acting". (it should say double acting on the container) .... also do not only use baking *soda* if you want it to "hold".

    Double acting means that it will rise once when the liquid is added ... and *again* when the batter is cooked.
    This "double action" occurs because of the use of two different acid salts in the baking powder ... one that acts immediately in the batter (like cream of tartar) and a secondary one that acts when heat is applied (usually aluminum salts).

    Many baking powders are in fact double acting - but it's worth making sure. It's also worth making sure it's fresh, as baking pwd does have a shelf life (about 10 to 11 months). It might also be worth ordering from your supplier a commercial version of double acting baking powder to make sure you're getting something that will really rise when you put the pancakes on the griddle.

    If you use buttermilk as the liquid in the batter ...... because the buttermilk is already acidic, you'll have extra acidity verses the amount of baking *soda* (which is the alkali in baking powder) ... this means that you either: A) may end up with a slight acidic sort of chemical taste because some of the extra acid salts in the baking powder may end up not getting consumed in the reaction; B) will not have enough soda (alkali) and the mixture may not rise properly if it's been held, or C) both.
    To avoid this you can either:
    Cut the baking powder by just about half (mainly to correct the chemical taste) - which is probably not what you want to do if you are trying to preserve the chemical reaction for cooking time to make light fluffy pancakes ... or instead,
    add some extra baking *soda* to the buttermilk-batter recipe to balance out the acidity and alkalinity!

    (as far as getting a "restaurant flavor" in your pancakes, the other thing you might try is to put a little malt syrup in your batter as a very slight flavoring)

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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2008/06/04 01:25:20 (permalink)
    Try this:

    Save two plastic gallon-sized milk containers and their caps.

    In a very large bowl, mix together 12 c. all-purpose flour, 3 cups sugar, 8 Tbsp. double-acting baking powder and 2 Tbsp. kosher salt. Pour in 10 cups milk (whole or 2%), 1-1/2 c. vegetable oil and 8 large eggs (or about 2 c. liquid egg mix). Stir until just blended; pea-sized lumps are fine. Add enough additional milk to reach a consistency a touch thinner than you want as the batter will thicken while it rests (the flour swells because it absorbs the milk).

    Using a funnel, pour the batter into the milk jugs, making sure to fill each no more than 3/4 full because the batter will--trust me on this--swell up, push off the cap, and ooze out all over the refrigerator and you'll have a heck of a time cleaning off everything underneath it. Store in the refrigerator and use as needed--it will keep for at least 5 days at 40 degrees. I go through a batch of this every 2-3 weekdays and one-two batches on weekends, but I can't tell you how many pancakes each batch yields because we make ours in two different sizes. Some of us use the pancake dropper, but it's a pain to clean and put together and no matter what kind you buy, sooner or later they become a leaky mess and aren't worth the cost--most of us are pretty good at measuring by eye and pour straight from the jug.

    This makes great-tasting pancakes that look nice and have a nice texture and the cost is very reasonable. Even better, customers will notice that your pancakes aren't the same pancakes everyone else has.
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2008/06/08 12:13:08 (permalink)
    Ben...Unles Village in changed the batter goes from bucket to gun to grill. They do fluff the omelettes and scrambled eggs in a shke mixer.
    I wet thru the full training program. We spent 30 days as the asst to a working FPM. Then 2 weeks at the HQ in Minneapolis. We got one minute mgr. dale carnagy, Ziggler and then a week in the test kitchens. After that 2 weeks class room and testing. All mgrs were required to quallify in the NIFI food borne illness course. That was actually a college credit course.
    ANyway we made about 20 gallons of batter at a time maybe 3-4X/week. We always hit with a hand whip before pouring to gun.
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2008/06/08 15:42:19 (permalink)
    The flour is the main twist and problem here. There are various types of flours, the instant mix uses one type compared to what home cooks use like general purpose. The flour grains are going to swell from the liquids over time. The instant mixes are designed to absorb the liquid quick and then use compared to general purpose flour that needs some time to absorb the liquid. The instant mix is made to be mixed and used, by storing it, the rising agents maybe reacting in the frig. RJF
    Baah Ben
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2008/06/21 18:44:12 (permalink)
    Britt - I asked the waitress at the location at the airport in Albequerque (I can't spell it) and she told us that the cook used a blender to get their buttermilk pancakes so light. Maybe I misunderstood and she was only talking about the omlets...But, we were eating pancakes when we asked her so.....In any case, they had great pancakes.

    Are they still in Chapter 11? All that training... I really liked the chain. I'd been to several and they were always clean and consistantly good for breakfast.

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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2008/06/22 06:56:03 (permalink)
    I still keep in touch with the head of HR. Last year he told me they were going to sell off slower propertties and dig in on the high volume stores.
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    RE: Cafe pancake recipe 2008/06/22 07:07:59 (permalink)
    Originally posted by pigface

    Soft pastry flour ... Pancakes, Try White Lilly Flour, best pancakes you'll every make
    Just can't make the same thing with All Purpose Flour (Gold Medal)

    Yes, a pro in So. Cal. tells me White Lily Self-Rising produces the best pancakes she's ever eaten. Since it's a Tennessee product with primarily Southeastern distribution, she has to have it shipped in!
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