Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report

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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2006/08/27 01:31:50 (permalink)
Great photos and writing, cajunking. Any chance you can get Skeeter's hot sauce with carrots recipe?
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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2006/08/27 02:39:01 (permalink)
Day 5 - Saturday August 26, 2006

This morning started off really early, 5:15 am. Mother nature gave us a few showers overnight, but it looked fairly calm out on the gulf this morning.

After a quick breakfast at the local subway, hot sausage, egg & cheese biscuit. We headed up to the marina to get started fishing in the tournament.

This my roadfood friends is where my day went WRONG!!!!

We loaded the boat with the cooler and bait and other essentials, and then I went to get in. As I was stepping up to the edge of the dock, my "crocs" caught the head of a nail sticking up. I slipped and fell on my arse, in this process, I landed right on the edge of the dock, rolled off the dock, across the side of the boat, and PLOP right on the deck of the boat, about a 3 foot drop.

After making sure I was still alive, my father said, "you know if I was a gymnastics judge I would have given that high marks!" and then started laughing. At that point so was I.

We set off out of the marina to a spot about 5 miles out. This is where we set up and started fishing.

Mother nature still had some more fun in store for us, and the heavens opened up and it flat out rained. There was no lightning or thunder so we stayed out and fished. The storm did cause the swells to go from 1-2 to
2-3 feet and instead of just rolling, we were rocking and rolling. Not a good combonation in a boat.

After about an hour of off and on rain, I wanted to change places on the boat, my knees were getting stiff from my earlier fall.

Well, I should have stayed put. I stood up and turned around to sit on the big cooler, that is when we hit a VERY big swell and once again I did a not so graceful maneuver and fell into a 5 gallon bucket and then continued to fall from the bucket onto the deck, HARD.

Oh, Did I mention the bucket I fell into and over was filled with dead squid and cigar minnows (Our Bait Bucket), and it spilled all over me?
and of course as i was laying there on the deck we got a strike.

So there I was sitting on my arse, smelling of dead squid and minnows and Dennis my friend has to reach over me and get the pole and reel in the line.
All while we were rocking and rolling. This of course causes a weight change in the boat and the next big swell comes washing over the stern and completing the job of totally drenching me.

I moved out of the way and my dad and Dennis fought with the King Mackerel, they finally got him tothe boat, my dad goes to gaff him, we hit another big swell and he misses with the gaff, cuts the line and we lose the fish.

So after some more trolling the weather finally starts to settle down, however for Dennis who has never been out on the gulf/ocean, the damagehaas been done to his breakfast.
I did not know there were seals in the gulf of mexico, but it sure sounded like one. ARF ARF ARF

With nothing left in his system he told us to stay out and try some more fishing. The gulf finally did start to calm down, the rain went away and the sun started to come out. After 8 hours out on the water we were done.

So we headed back to the marina empty handed.

At the marina, we land the boat and start unloading the cooler and things, at this point "Miss Grace" here goes to get out of the boat. I step on the one step, step onto the gunwale (side), and then....... YEP you guessed it.

My foot slides off the gunwale and down I go for the third time, right on the wooden deck of the marina. Driving a nice 2 inch splinter into my right leg. There I sat, bleeding and in pain, I looked at my father and said... "You comment and your arse is going overboard".

He did not comment or laugh, he did pull out the splinter and gave me a "clean" rag that looked and smelled like dead squid and cigar minnows.
We finished unloading the boat and cleaning it and he put it back in his slip and raised it out of the water.

Dennis & I hauled the rest of the stuff up to my car and we all got in and headed back to the house.

After a quick shower, some ointment for my boo boo, we all took a nap.

Finally, we all made it back up around 6 pm, my step mother was still out at work so we decided to go eat dinner.

This my roadfood friends is where my day got LOTS better.

Killer Seafood, Mexico Beach, Florida is a small seafood place that has been open now for about 2 years. They have quickly become a GREAT place for GREAT FOOD.

As you can see from the Harley out front, the owners LOVE their hawgs. They moved to Mexico Beach area from So-Cal.

Their menu has several signature dishes on it, Fish Tacos, "Killer Seafood",
and a "Killer Seafood" bread bowl. They were the first restaurant in the area to make fish tacos.

Grilled Tuna, spiced just right with all the trimmings, served either in a corn of flour tortilla.

"Killer Seafood" is not only the name of the restaurant but also a signature dish. You can either order it with Oysters, Shrimps, or Scallops. The dish is killer seafood's own sauce, with the seafod of choice, served in a big bowl. You can get it served over rice or pasta, i got it served over rice. It also comes with crusty french bread to sop up the extra sauce.

They also have the "Killer Seafood" bowl, which is a bread bowl with killer seafood sauce and your choice of fresh local shrimp, Appilachacola fresh oysters or fresh local bay scallops.

Dennis my friend ordered a grouper and shrimp basket. The grouper was tender and flaky. The shrimp have a very thin batter on them, just enough to give it a slight golden color to them when they are fried, but not so thick that they take away from the shrimp.

They also make some realy good hushpuppies. These things were so light and slightly sweet. Usually hushpuppies are heavy and overcooked, but not these. Each batch of puppies is made to order, not just fried to order but mixed to order. These puppies were bigger than a golf ball.

They also have Key Lime pie for dessert.

The prices there at Killer Seafood are very reasonable.
Tonight's special was a whole grilled flounder for $9.99.
Dennis's shrimp and grouper basket with 4 puppies and slaw was $8.99
Dad's Fish Tacos with slaw were $8.99
My "Killer Seafood" with scallops and french bread was $8.99, to serve it over rice or pasta add $1.00.
The "Killer Seafood" bowl was $7.99.

The three of us at a great meal for $42.00 with ice tea to drink.

After dinner we headed back to my dad's house, where we watched the nascar race from Bristol, TN. When my step mother got home, she & my dad said good night and retired for the evening at 8:30 (they both have to be at work by 7 in the morning).

Dennis and I finished watching the race and he called it a night. So I wanted to come and catch up my roadfood reports to you all.

After a very long a painful day, I now smell of Ben-Gay and I took something to help ease the pain from the day.

So until tomorrow, from the land of Killer Seafood,
This Donald a.k.a. cajunking
signing off, to let the visions of scallops dance in my head.

Good Night

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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2006/08/27 02:41:01 (permalink)

I will ask him tomorrow for the recipe and will post it for you as soon as I get it.

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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2006/08/27 07:52:52 (permalink)
Cajunking: Nice write and I enjoyed reading about your experience and the great food.

Looks like the Mayor is finally getting a little competition

Paul E. Smith
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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2006/08/27 10:31:54 (permalink)
I'd fish from the dock until you get your sealegs
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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2006/08/27 10:52:02 (permalink)
Great reports! Thanks for sharing!
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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2006/08/27 11:27:36 (permalink)
Originally posted by Sundancer7

Mayor is finally getting a little competition
Hey, we can't all wax as prosaically as these two :-)
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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2006/08/30 12:48:57 (permalink)
Day 6 - Sunday August 27, 2006

Oh man what a night, after finally settling down for a while and trying to get some sleep, well the bed was still rocking and rolling just like the sea was earlier.

The morning brought bright sun and hot, hot weather. We finally got up late and headed for breakfast at Sharon's Cafe. The parking lot was packed and there were people waiting outside to get in.

So we headed on up the road to The Fish House Family Restauant in Mexico Beach, Florida

The place was busy for Sunday morning, but as we walked in the door a table opened up. The waitress told us to sit and she would come clean it off right away. So we sat down and she got the table ready for us.

The menu was simple breakfast food, eggs any way you wanted them, biscuits and gravy, breakfast meats, pancakes.

Dennis ordered a 3 egg omlette with ham, onions & cheese and toast. I ordered 2 eggs over easy, grits and sausage patties. One thing did catch my eye though, Fresh Blueberry pancakes.

Thinking they would be small pancakes since the price was only $2.79 I ordered 2 orders. Ummmm they were not as small as I thought they would be.

They were delicious and full of blueberries, I found out they also had peach and banana pancakes as well. So the next time I am down this way i will have to go back for some more pancakes.

The eggs and grits were solid and good, Dennis' omlette was filled with all sorts of goodies.

We got talking to the owner that morning and she told us that we should have tried the Ham & Egg breakfast, it is their best seller. They use a local smoked ham, and slice a nice thick slab of it, then they eggs any way you want them.

So i will definately eat here again, and will try the ham and eggs, and the banana pancakes.

The rest of the day was spent straightening things up, cleaning up the boat
and getting ready to head home in the morning.

For lunch we snacked on leftovers and cleaned up the beef and noodles, BBG BBQ, and the last slice of key lime pie. We still had a ton of peaches left so I sliced them up and put them in the refrigerator for later that night.

For Dinner we went to Peppers Cantina in Port St. Joe, Florida. Peppers is a family owned and operated Mexican restaurant. the food has always been awesome when we go in there. The outside of the restaurant is brightly painted, and welcoming.

The inside is even warmer

For a started we had an order of Queso with Chorizo, the chorizo was spicy and a good balance between the creamy texture of the queso.

Dennis got a steak fajita dinner with all the trimmings

I got Cammrones Vallarta, which was shrimp, onions, green peppers in a delicate cheese sauce served with rice and refried beans.

Dad ordered the special of the day, a fajita burrito. All the fajita fixings stuffed into a burrito. Served with rice and beans.

We found out that Port St. Joe, Florida does not sell adult beverages on Sundays. So dad could not get his Dos Equis Amber, and I could not get Peppers Peach Margarita, their special is a 64 oz margarita.

After a very good meal we came home and fixed vanilla ice cream with fresh sliced peaches for dessert.

We were all still sore from the day before so when my step mother got home that night we all headed to bed early for in the morning we will head home.

mr chips
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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2006/09/04 14:02:52 (permalink)
Great report and photos. Enjoyed reading about your adventures.Keep them coming.
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RE: Cajunking's Road Trip to the South Land and Report 2014/04/22 20:12:24 (permalink)
Rereading old Trip Reports and am working my way this one. Love the way you write. I am wracking my brain trying to think what on earth could your stepsisters soaked the pickle?! Then when I read about the Nair on the hair and the Super glue....  Were they too young to realize or just really vile wenches? I could call them something else but this is a family post. Sounds like Jane Eyre had it easy, comparatively. By the way, it seems a long time since we got a write up from you, broad hint, broad hint..
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