Cake or Pie ??? The Ultimate Debate

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Re:Cake or Pie ??? The Ultimate Debate 2015/01/17 18:24:45 (permalink)

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Re:Cake or Pie ??? The Ultimate Debate 2015/01/17 19:37:38 (permalink)
I haven't been to anything up at Lake Superior other than Betty's Pies, which didn't overwhelm me.
I am sure there is good pie somewhere in Minnesota, but as I said, I have not had much luck in the Twin Cities.

I'm not a pie person except when I travel and think Buffetbuster would demand I try pie. So, I have zero experience at home with the Twin Cities. I do know Betty's Pies are the overhyped pies of the North Shore. They were once good when the original Betty was making them and the North Shore was a more primitive and remote place. Like a lot of places reputations don't die and if you drive by Betty's it will be jammed to this day. They aren't bad but they do not stand up to their storied reputation.
Try an afternoon drive down the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River some time and go to the Stockholm Pie Co. I don't think you would be disappointed there.
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Re:Cake or Pie ??? The Ultimate Debate 2015/01/17 20:31:10 (permalink)
Rhubarb is not just delicious, it is the best!! However, the misbegotten combination of strawberry and rhubarb only goes to prove that the whole can be less than the sum of its parts. Strawberries dilute and dull the tartness of rhubarb and rhubarb overpowers the delicate fragrance of strawberries. So you end up with a sweet red fairly tasteless mess. Stawberry rhubarb pie is a crime against nature likely intended to make the bounty of spring

rhubarb palatable to children and those with similar taste.

The sad reality is that now, when travelling across the US, whether at diners, cafes, or bakeries, a request for rhubarb pie is met with a wan smile and a hopeful..."well, we have strawberry-rhubarb
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