Canned Chili Taste-off

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Re:Canned Chili Taste-off 2011/02/11 18:13:42 (permalink)




With the exception of Hormel, None of the above brands are available in Dallas that I'm aware of.
Of course, my favorite is, Wolf brand. WITHOUT, BEANS!

CANNED Chili in Dallas??? That's an Oxymoron PLUS it's Illegal to have possession of a can of Chili within the city limits! No self respecting Dallasite or Texan for that matter would possess, much less eat, CANNED Chili!!
They make some there for export to people in other states who don't know any better!

Mostly true. However, when you've got 2" of ice on the roads and it's 13 degrees outside and all you have is a can of Wolf's chili in the larder, waddaya think I'm gonna do? Thank God I have some onions and shredded Cheddar in the fridge.

Understandable! People in dire straights have been been known to eat their deceased companions.
Donner Pass comes to mind. You get a pass this time!

Hmm, come to think of it, Wolf's chili does sort of remind me of Soylent Green" />
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Re:Canned Chili Taste-off 2013/01/27 18:13:56 (permalink)
I did a chili taste test a while back with a few friends. We had Hormel, Stagg, Bush's, Campbell's and Wolf brand. We rated them like this.

1) Campbell's Firehouse

2) Bush's

3) Wolf

4) Stagg

7) Hormel

I didn't know Stagg was made by Hormel. I know Wolf is regarded well, But there's something that bugs me about it but I can't put my finger on it. We really liked Campbell's the best, and is the only one I ever buy anymore. When I'm too lazy to make my own.
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Re:Canned Chili Taste-off 2013/01/27 19:19:54 (permalink)
I've never had a canned chili that I really liked - really don't like the strong taste of cumin that I seem to find in most chilies. Can anyone point me to a canned one that doesn't have that flavor? I've got a couple of cans of Skyline Chili but it's thin and weak. Nothing like eating it in one of their restaurants. My husband makes a great chili he learned when he was a kid on his parent's ranch, and he does put beans in it.
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Re:Canned Chili Taste-off 2013/01/27 20:44:23 (permalink)
My 'go to' (and it is rare that I go there) canned chili is Campbell's Firehouse.  Mrs. Metro reads the nutricion labels and spoils any party I might have with Wolf, Skyline, Hormel, or Stagg. 
So, we make big batches of this and freeze it: .
Save for de-glazing with beer we don't use the alcohol.  Yes, it is shopping and cooking intensive, but the result is fantastic.
Double Cheeseburger
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Re:Canned Chili Taste-off 2013/01/28 13:12:46 (permalink)
The Walmart stores here stock Steak 'n Shake's chili in cans. Don't know how widely available it is, but I prefer it by a mile to Wolf's & Hormel's which are the only two of the rated brands we regularly see here.
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