Cart repair

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2014/02/17 11:06:38 (permalink)

Cart repair

I am in Phoenix AZ and just bought a cart that does not have a fresh water tank or anything that connects to it.  I have no idea where it gets hot water from the metal is missing that covered the fresh water tank. So anyways how can I replace this and where? It is a Victor 2 burner cart that is about 9 years old. Not diamond plated simple basic cart. (with a lot of problems lol) 
Also of course I am new. So when I got the cart I was told that it was easy to put a new tank and I was ready to go. Not even close, I believed the person (my bad I know) So I dump water down the drain and you guessed it the grey water tank is also leaking so I need the waste water tank too. 
Finally, does anyone have a schematic  for it so I can put it back together.
Thank you for any advice 

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    Re:Cart repair 2014/02/17 14:02:11 (permalink)
    try a  google search for fresh water tanks/ waste water tanks. I would measure the space to see what you can accommodate on your cart.

    Depending on how much water you intend to hold you could rig up a simple setup with a food grade bucket, lid, some pvc pipe and a marine pump.  This is what i use on my cart.
    That would limit you to 5-7 gallons depending on what you can fit on your cart.  you can use any type plastic container to drain your waste water in.  IT usually needs to be 15% larger than the size of your fresh water tank.  Mine is a 6 gallon waste water tank and a 5 gallon fresh water tank.  I tend to carry a 5 gallon plastic carboy with me to use for steam table and emergencies.

    Water heaters can be found pretty easily.  Tankless propane heaters can be found between 100-150 dollars and sufficient for a 40-50psi marine style water pump.  I bought my last two on ebay for approximately 120$.

    If you need any of these things in a hurry check if you have any local marine or RV supply stores, they may carry what you  are looking for, but you will pay more for what they have.  They also will not be familiar with what you are using it for so you need to know how much space you can afford and where you can house things like a propane water heater or how much PSI your pump puts out.
    Walmart, lowes, home depot etc will typically not carry the type pumps, heaters or tanks you need.

    you are going to have to provide something for people to help with a schematic.  There is no "single quick fix" in my opinion for most of these jobs you have to be able to improvise what you need and how to make it work with the space you have.  Most of the plumbing pieces (aside from the tanks,pumps, and water heaters) can be acquired from any local hardware store.  I'd just be sure to speaks with someone that the pipe you are using is correct for what you need the water for.

    Also i think there is a separate forum for carts, that you might find more responsive to your needs... 

    best of luck 
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    Re:Cart repair 2014/02/17 17:28:55 (permalink)
    I believe your cart originally used copper lines thought the burner compartments to heat water.
    This may be you schematic.
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    Re:Cart repair 2014/02/18 22:19:50 (permalink)
    Victor places his water tank right behind the steam wells.  The top comes off.  Unfortunately he uses pvc to build these tanks and they get hot and the glue melts and they leak.  I built (had built actually) a stainless welded water tank.  He does use copper water lines to heat the hot water.  That should be sufficient.  Truthfully, this designs is not that good.  But since you already have the cart.  I would recommend getting a tank built for you.  The gray water tank can be made with glue (pvc glue) and about $35 dollars worth of 1/4" flat pvc.  Have the supplier cut the pvc to size for you.  If you want to contact me directly I can help you.  Email me at
    I spent all the money on a new Victor cart several years ago and had to fix way more things than I would have wanted to, to make it work.  The worst part was, he would not stand behind his product at all.  Thanks Victor, I haven't forgotten.  
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    Re:Cart repair 2014/02/21 09:05:42 (permalink)
    I forgot that i had this page saved in a book marks folder for my cart repair.  This company makes nothing but plastic water tanks.
    It's not stainless steel like jim suggested, but they do work and you can ask them to cut the inlet and outlet holes for you or drill them in when you get it. 

    This and a simple flojet water pump at 50 psi and some basic plumbing (pvc or copper, both are very easy to install) and your problem is solved. 
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