Chicago to Lexington, KY

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2003/12/29 17:47:41 (permalink)

Chicago to Lexington, KY

My mother and I are heading down to Lexington at the end of January. We are open to any kind of good eats but we especially enjoy bbq and pie. Any suggestions?

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    RE: Chicago to Lexington, KY 2003/12/30 02:09:25 (permalink)
    Welcome to Kentucky in January. This Web site has 10 reviews for Kentucky roadfood destinations. I would start there and read all 10.
    It would be nice if you had Jane and Michael's most recent dining guides, Roadfood or Eating Your Way Across the U.S.A.

    If you don't want to buy the books (good discounts on, you have time to obtain them from your library.

    Fortunately, you can enter Kentucky at Owensboro and enjoy the only Kentucky barbeque worth talking about - Western Kentucky Barbeque. Treat yourself to the famous Moonlite buffett (see photos here on Roadfood) for a fun, all-around bbq experience at a well regarded place that still cooks over hardwood coals.

    Then you can visit the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen in Louisville for apple sauce cake, dutch apple pie with caramel, lemon chess pie, red velvet cake, etc.

    If you don't want to detour into Louisville, you can have both a fine lunch and our favorite pies - Chess and Derby - at Claudia Sanders Dinner House in Shelbyville (an easy on and off from I 64). Between there and Lexington is The Glitz, a promising destination according to the new review, but a place I'm not familiar with.

    In my opinion Lexington and Central Kentucky are a barbeque barrens, however, the usual bbq chains are here. Owensboro may be a little out of your way, but you'd enjoy it immensely if you're on the bbq trail.

    An English tea afternoon at Perryville's Elmswood Inn would definitely sate your desire for desserts and you'd have a nice time, especially if you go with friends or family. I can always recommend dinner at my favorite Kentucky dining room, the Beaumont Inn in nearby Harrodsburg. They cure and serve the best country ham in the region. Reservations needed.

    If you haven't been, consider Shakertown Village for a visit and a meal. An overnight there is very nice. Or drive down for the fine Saturday morning breakfast buffet. Reservations necessary.

    My favorite restaurant in Lexington is Asian Wind, a Chinese restaurant with a considerable menu of dishes from other Pacific Rim nations.

    Lexington has many good restaurants, but I can't give you a name that qualifies in my mind as a roadfood type destination. For an upscale meat and three, visit the Merrick Inn, which is always good. deSha's is another nice place good for Kentucky food.

    For fun and hearty, comfort food meals, Ramsey's Diner may interest you. Go to the one near the University on Woodland Avenue. There's a great pie shop next door and Ramsey's serves those pies on its menu. I love the butterscotch cream; it's the genuine article and as good as my mom made for our family restaurant.

    Eat Hall's beer cheese while here (you can buy it about everywhere, including Kroger stores). Or just go down to Hall's on the River for catfish dinners and the beer cheese appetizer. You may also want to sample an Ale 8 1, the popular local giner ale beverage bottled in nearby Winchester. And do try our delicious bourbon ball candy.

    Finally, the best independent bookstore in America blesses our city. Joseph-Beth is one of the places we take our guests. They then stay an extra day so they can return for a whole afternoon.
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    RE: Chicago to Lexington, KY 2003/12/30 02:11:19 (permalink)

    The October 2003 issue of Kentucky Monthly magazine has a complete updated dining guide for the state. Readers selected the restaurants included and they did a good job.
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    RE: Chicago to Lexington, KY 2003/12/30 04:30:27 (permalink)
    I can attest the attached restaurant is wonderful. I always get the country ham and fried chicken with mock oysters. You have to go through Louisville, but the distance is almost exactly the same.

    Paul E. Smith
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    RE: Chicago to Lexington, KY 2003/12/30 20:00:59 (permalink)
    If you're feeling courageous, try the Lamb Fries at Roger's Restaurant in Lexington. Located in the 800 block of Broadway Rd., Roger's is Lexington's oldest continuously run restaurant (80 years and counting). Even if you don't try the lamb fries its worth a visit for its great home cooked meals.
    mayor al
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    RE: Chicago to Lexington, KY 2003/12/30 23:03:15 (permalink)
    Amen to the Comments above.
    Add in the Brown Hotel for a Hot Brown in Louisville. If you're in the area for breakfast. Lynn's Paradise Cafe does some great Pecan French Toast. See the reviews on this site.
    Depending on your route down to Louisville, There are some good Amish places in Western Indiana, if you decide to come down Rt 41 you get close to a few, and it puts you in Kentucky close to Owensboro!
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    RE: Chicago to Lexington, KY 2004/01/11 22:42:27 (permalink)
    I agree with JimInKy about the Merrick Inn and Shakertown. Merrick Inn always has a good selection of imaginative vegetable side dishes.

    I hear that nearby Berea College Inn is up to snuff again from some friends who visited last April. They usually specialize in regional foods (like spoonbread, Jeff Davis pie).

    Last year my niece took me to a place called the Homestead that was in an old mansion just on the other side of Man of War (the outside circle drive around Lexington) that had good food in a fancy setting.
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    RE: Chicago to Lexington, KY 2004/01/12 16:10:36 (permalink)
    I can attest to Lynn's Paradise Cafe' not only are the breakfasts wonderful, but the overall mood of the place with have you smiling for days.. Look up and see Lynn's famous tea bag pants... yes.. Pants made completely out of teabags.
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    RE: Chicago to Lexington, KY 2004/01/13 06:30:00 (permalink)
    It's good to hear Boone Tavern is satisfying its guests. A friend just stayed there a week in December, but I forgot to ask here about the food. I've personally never been disappointed with a BT meal, but have heard it's sometimes uneven. It's been a while since I've eaten there.

    The Homestead has a good reputation with everyone. It is one of our more popular upscale establishments.
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