Chicken Delight

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2006/06/23 13:21:00 (permalink)

Chicken Delight

Anybody remember Chicken Delight? My parents used to bring chicken from there home when we were kids. I remember it being pretty good, but that was over 40 years ago. I do remember their song on the radio, though - "Don't cook tonight, call Chicken Delight".

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    RE: Chicken Delight 2006/06/23 13:30:20 (permalink)
    Yep, remember it well. But growing up in the hinterlands as I did, the radio ads were my only contact with the place. We had the Colonel available, but that required a 40 minute round trip.
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    RE: Chicken Delight 2006/06/23 18:52:37 (permalink)
    I remember the ads from the early sixties, but never had the chicken. We couldn't afford to go to restaurants back then. I recall my mother frying one chicken every Sunday, to feed two adults and four children, and had fantasies of this place called Chicken Delite that had more chicken than any of us could eat.
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    RE: Chicken Delight 2006/06/23 23:23:34 (permalink)
    Chicken Delight orignates here in Manitoba. There are still a lot of franchises around the province.
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    RE: Chicken Delight 2006/06/24 10:25:39 (permalink)
    It was broated.

    There is still a Chicken Delight in Culver City, CA but I don't know if it's the original reicpe.

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    RE: Chicken Delight 2006/06/25 20:44:19 (permalink)
    I remember Chicken Delight in PA. in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We had one in our town of Upland. I also remember they delivered way back in the late 60s.

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    RE: Chicken Delight 2006/06/25 22:17:27 (permalink)
    Well, Mar52, really it was "broasted" but who knows what that is anyway?
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