Chihuahua cheese?

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2006/07/13 17:06:02 (permalink)

Chihuahua cheese?

Ok the Greatest Mexican Restaurant in the World is now 5.5 hours away from me. I have two questions

Are there any Mexican grocery stores in Kansas City,


How on earth do you prepare Chihuahua cheese?

I know it has something to do with milk and the solid block of cheese.This is a super creamy delicious, swoon-inducing white cheese, served at the places where you wonder just how many of the workers are there legally.

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    RE: Chihuahua cheese? 2006/07/13 17:21:45 (permalink)
    Well, first you get a chihuahua

    Then you milk it

    then you run the milk through lots of processes and aging.....

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    RE: Chihuahua cheese? 2006/07/13 17:40:11 (permalink)
    Make sure you muzzle that chihuahua!


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    RE: Chihuahua cheese? 2006/07/13 17:44:44 (permalink)
    Originally posted by littleanomaly

    Ok the Greatest Mexican Restaurant in the World is now 5.5 hours away from me. I have two questions

    Are there any Mexican grocery stores in Kansas City,

    From the online Yellow Pages:

    Abarrotes Durango
    6200 E Truman Rd.
    Kansas City, MO 64126
    (816) 483-8989

    Abarrotes Durango #2
    3124 E 12th St.
    Kansas City, MO 64127
    (816) 231-1845

    Abarrotes Y Tortilleria Mexico
    806 Southwest Blvd.
    Kansas City, MO 64108
    (816) 842-0160

    Lachiquita Market
    4509 Independence Ave.
    Kansas City, MO 64124
    (816) 483-4070

    La Mexicana Market
    848 Central Ave.
    Kansas City, KS 66101
    (913) 621-7462

    La Posada
    908 N 18th St.
    Kansas City, KS 66102
    (913) 371-2045

    La Tiendita Market
    1721 Minnesota Ave.
    Kansas City, KS 66102
    (913) 621-2399

    Tienda La Esperanza
    1400 S 42nd St.
    Kansas City, KS 66106
    (913) 403-8940
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    RE: Chihuahua cheese? 2006/07/15 09:14:13 (permalink)
    Here in Versailles, KY, I buy the Chihuahua cheese at a Mexican grocery / restaurant and use it inside the poblano peppers for chile rellenos and melted on top of refried beans. We have several Mexican groceries here because many Mexicans come here to work on the horse farms.

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    RE: Chihuahua cheese? 2006/07/15 11:18:08 (permalink)
    Definitely make a trip to the Price Chopper at 49th and Roe. It is totally marketed to Hispanics. It is a great supermarket. There are scores, and I mean scores, of Latin American and Hispanic markets of a smaller nature all over the city. In Northeast on Independence Blvd they are dotted up and down the street for block. Central Ave. in KCK has many markets and small cafes, some specializing in regional Mexican food. Of course Southwest Blvd. has several markets, La Posada is my favorite, it's right east of Summit on SWBlvd. In Johnson County the markets are springing up all over the place, from Merriam to Olathe. Litteanomaly, what part of the city are you living?

    About Chihuahua cheese...Chihuahua cheese sprang from the Mennonite community in the state of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico. It is a type of white cheese that melts very well. I've never seen a dish called Chihuahua cheese, only the cheese itself. You can buy it by the pound at most Hispanic markets, even most regular supermarkets are carrying Mexican cheeses. Most are made in the states, but I have ocassionally seen some cheeses, like anejo or queso oaxaca from Mexico.
    Try to get to the Roeland Park Price Chopper. The produce is great, they make fresh tortillas right in the store and they have a wonderful Mexican cheese department. The meat department sells cuts of meat you may not find in other stores.
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    RE: Chihuahua cheese? 2006/07/15 16:26:17 (permalink)
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    RE: Chihuahua cheese? 2006/07/22 15:10:13 (permalink)
    WV, there's a Mexican store in Frederick, Maryland, if that's not too far to drive.

    Super Mercado Latino
    45-M Waverly Dr. Frederick, Frederick, MD

    They have a variety of cheeses, including Queso Fresco, and also a number of sour creams from various Central American countries, each slightly different. Mr. Jennie has been bringing home a different one each time. Some are runnier, some are thicker . . . They also have chorizo.

    A couple of doors down on the same strip of mall is an Indian grocery. They have every pickle under the sun, fresh ingredients, etc, and even a small buffet for lunch.

    The pawn shop where my hubby's Asst. Manager is a block away. Come by! :D

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