Chili In Los Angeles

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Re:Chili In Los Angeles 2011/10/06 00:49:07 (permalink)
Yes, Chili My Soul closed some time ago.
Now you can go here:
Chili Addiction as mentioned in the post above.
We had dinner at Chili Addiction with Chris and Amy and we found it very good.
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Re:Chili In Los Angeles 2011/10/08 02:17:52 (permalink)
For me it's Chili John;s or Beeps (not exclusively chili but good) or for chili dogs Fat Burger, way better than Pinks.
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Re:Chili In Los Angeles 2011/10/13 23:33:15 (permalink)
was he sick of eatin' his own food...??? 
I disagree with MiamiDon about "Because this is and it is about restaurants"....
Perhaps that's it's primary slant, but not 100%...there are a few "cook-it-yerself" & "What's for dinner tonight" threads...which are quite active...
By all means, cook yer own if'n you want...we need to eat several times a day, and if you can't FIND what you want, then "Cook It Yerself"  IS a valid approach, and I think exchanging info about what we cook is just as important as a restaurant review...A restaurant being reviewed might be 3,000 away from me (and not relevent) , yet the ingredients to cook at home are as close as the nearest supermarket...
I agree about ChiliBoy needing paragraph would be much more "readable"... (he made only 2 posts 6 years he's long gone)...
I also agree that chili started out as a minimalist type chuck wagon food borrowed from the Mexicans...
I'm not a big fan of lots of tomatoes in chili...and I think I'd enjoy tasting Mar52's beans, no tomatoes, just the basics...
Chili IS a very subjective might not like mine, and I might not like yours, but we each like our own (mission accomplished)...
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