Chips and Son do Seattle

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2007/09/02 03:36:03 (permalink)

Chips and Son do Seattle

Sam has been asking me all summer to take him to a Mariners game. On August 28 we caught game 2 of a crucial 3 game set with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim , Azusa, and Cucomanga. We also spent the day visiting the Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum and did some roadfooding. Sorry,no pictures available.

Our day started at the Science Fiction museum with an exhibit of movie costunes and props from classic sci-fi movies and t.v. programs.There was the witch's hat from "The Wizard of Oz", jackets from Arnold and Robert Patrick from "The Terminator" films, Alec Guiness's robe, Mark Hamill's flight suit and light saber,Darth Vafer's suit from the "Star Wars"saga, the Superman suit from the t.v. series, the Blade Runner car, costumes from various "Star Trek" episodes, and Riddler and Batman costumes from the movies. It was an awesome collection and it was nerd heaven for a sci-fi buff like me.
The Experience Music Project had an excellent display on the music of Walt Disney films and its impact on film history. Informative and well put together.
Lunch was at Daly's Drive-In(reviewed on this site). The pictures there illustrate what we ate. I had a Copper River Salmon fillet sandwich that was simply the best fish sandwich I could ever hope to eat. Sam's Halibut Fish and chips were flakey, tender. Sam said it was the best he had ever had. The only sad note is that it appears the place will close in January.
The ballgame was a bummer. We arrived early so Sam could chase home-run balls but he did not get one.I had my favorite Safeco meal of an Ichiro combo of Sushi washed down by green tea.
The Mariners jumped off a 5 run lead in the first with 3 triples, 2 walks and a single adding up to 5 runs. But Angel reliever Dustin Moseley slammed the door. The Angels rallied for 10 runs(Vladimir Guerrero had 4 hits)and the day ended with a 10-6 Angels win. The Mariners have not won a game since this debacle. I enjoyed my time with Sam but I would have enjoyed it more with a Mariner win.

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    RE: Chips and Son do Seattle 2007/09/10 02:42:15 (permalink)
    Too bad this was the 80's, but I lived in Bremerton, complements of Your Tax Dollars, for a year while in the Navy. What I loved most about Seattle was Mount Rainier, Ivar's on Puget Sound, Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, and the fact that the Seahawks made the playoffs for the first time, and gave eventual champion Oakland-LA Traitors a run for their money.

    I used to love the old Pilots and current Milwaukee Brewers until they built the zit in Miller Valley. I was born in Milwaukee back when the socialists made it the kind of city that had to sit out polls of the US safest and cleanest cities so someone else could win. And back when the Braves played in Milwaukee.
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    RE: Chips and Son do Seattle 2007/09/23 15:46:09 (permalink)
    Sounds like you guys had a great time

    Sad to hear that Daley's Drive Inn is closing. I too had the same sandwich that you had. I would have liked to have tried the the Halibut n Chips too. Do you know why they are closing?

    Next time you are in Seattle, I am pleading-no begging you to check out Spud Fish n Chips- only the Juanita location in Kirkland which I believe is still the only originally owned one left. The one in Alki was sold to Ivar's and I understand has gone down hill.

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    RE: Chips and Son do Seattle 2007/09/27 17:11:59 (permalink)
    mr chips-
    That disappoints me to hear that Daley's Drive-in is closing. Like WJ asked, any idea why they are closing their doors? I ate there last year and had the burgers instead of one of the fish sandwiches, so my experience was not as good as yours. But, I was looking forward to making up for my mistake on my next visit.
    mr chips
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    RE: Chips and Son do Seattle 2007/09/28 10:54:43 (permalink)
    The owner of Daly's is in his eighties and his daughter still manages the place, He is, however, ready to sell the place, so I assume we will see either a strip mall or condos.
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