Chocolate Covered Pretzels and/or Potato Chips

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2009/08/10 11:11:54 (permalink)

Chocolate Covered Pretzels and/or Potato Chips

What does anyone think?
The best pretzels I've ever had are from one of the candy shops at Hersheypark. I mean these things are dredged in chocolate, some are dredged in several types of chocolate and then sprinkled with chocolate candy bits. Definitely, horribly addictive!!
The chips are totally different. I first had them when a co-worker passed them around. She said she got them at Sam's Club, but they were also available at Walmart. I never found them, which is probably a good thing. At first taste I wasn't too sure, but the second one made me feel that they could be addicting as well. The best I ever had, however, was from a candy store in Windsor, NJ. My hairdresser has a box of them every once in a while. They are not just drizzled with chocolate, but totally coated with dark chocolate. I really don't think milk chocolate could stand up to the chip.

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    Re:Chocolate Covered Pretzels and/or Potato Chips 2009/08/10 16:50:47 (permalink)
    Since moving to FL, we came across the locally made Grimaldi's chocolate covered potato chips. I agree that, on paper, that this doesn't seem like the most likely combination, but these things are addictive. We try to limit bringing them into the house only when we know guests are coming over, to save us from ourselves. They make both a milk & dark chocolate version. While I almost always prefer dark chocolate anything, this is an exception.
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    Re:Chocolate Covered Pretzels and/or Potato Chips 2009/08/10 17:35:41 (permalink)
    I haven't eaten the potato chips, but I like the prezels, also had the chocolate dipped popcorn, which was ok.

    You can do them at home, just melt vanilla or chocolate almond bark either in the microwave, or double boiler, and dip the pretzels in them.  I have an aunt who dips those mini peanut butter Ritz sandwich crackers in the melted bark. 

    It won't be as rich tasting as some of the better brand of chocolates, but they are still pretty good.
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    Re:Chocolate Covered Pretzels and/or Potato Chips 2009/08/11 10:59:51 (permalink)
    Heren in Oklahoma their is company Called Bedre Chocolates--run by the Chickaswaw Nation-- wife worked at the Five Civilized Tribe Museum in Muskogee and they sold Bedres Chocolat covered potato ghips there--i thought-"Whate waste time gimmic!"---i was wrong--LOVE THEM!!!! I have a friend in New Hampshire that makes chocolates and turned here on to them and suggested she make them with the chilli chocolate that her and her sisiter make---havent gotten the sample yet!
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    Re:Chocolate Covered Pretzels and/or Potato Chips 2009/08/11 14:15:24 (permalink)
    I love chocolate-covered potato chips, milk chocolate, I've never had them coated in dark chocolate. I'm sure they'd be great. There used to be a chcolate shop not too far from me that made them, but they went belly-up several years ago.
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    Re:Chocolate Covered Pretzels and/or Potato Chips 2009/08/14 19:22:02 (permalink)
    I, too, love chocolate covered pretzels and potato chips, as well as popcorn with chocolate drizzled over the popcorn.  At first it may seem crazy, but after you try it you "can't stop eating it."
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