Chocolate Milk

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2012/07/16 18:08:48 (permalink)

Chocolate Milk

my favorite chocolate milk is actually the one I make at home with U-Bet syrup. But of all the ones commercially available in a single serve bottle, I have to go with Chocolate Moose, which I think is now defunct.
What's your favorite brand of chocolate milk? Lots of regional brands out there

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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/16 21:06:46 (permalink)
    We have one called "tru moo" by McArthur dairy here in Florida. You can get both full fat and low fat version. It is delicious.
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/17 08:37:31 (permalink)
    My wife likes the chocolate milk from Sassy Cow Creamery.  They make some excellent ice cream, too.
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/18 04:13:53 (permalink)
    Regular milk & Hershey's Syrup does it for me.
    Store bought chocolate milk tastes "Artificial". Like Synthetic chocolate is used.
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/18 06:02:54 (permalink)
    Kwik Trip makes both a full strength and low fat chocolate milk.  The regular chocolate milk is pretty darn good.  At home we use Hershey's Syrup, good as well.
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/18 12:26:38 (permalink)
    I'm still a sucker for Yoo-Hoo. Best, ice cold on a hot and humid summer day. 
    With a hot dog in hand, of course.
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/18 20:52:55 (permalink)
    Orange label (chocolate malt) Ovaltine. Love that stuff. Go through about a jar a week.

    Never liked the syrups or the bottled chocolate milk. Too thick.
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/18 21:35:04 (permalink)
    Rosenberger's puts out a pretty good chocolate milk.
    But I'm also very happy with Hershey's syrup from the can. It takes a lot of it to get the milk to where I like it, and it also takes patience, as it comes out pretty slowly. But it's worth it. 
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/20 08:55:39 (permalink)
    Byrne Dairy out of Syracuse has pretty good bottled chocolate milk - but then again, their milk, PERIOD, is some of the best you will ever have.  People forget that Central and Upstate NYS is Prime Dairy Country.  
    This sounds odd, but one of the great milk experiences you can have is at the New York State Fair in Syracuse - in the Dairy Pavilion, they sell 25 cent cups of milk freshly milked and pasteurized from the cows that are at the fair for judging. It is as cold. fresh and good tasting as any milk you will ever have. And, of course, they have chocolate!   
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/20 12:37:29 (permalink)
    Promised Land Dairy in Texas has one of the best chocolate milks I've ever tasted, and as a food industry journalist, I've tasted many.
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/22 03:55:26 (permalink)
    I've heard of Promised Land Dairy many times...
    I have to get my priorities straight...
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    Re:Chocolate Milk 2012/07/22 17:06:54 (permalink)
    When I was a kid I absolutely adored Borden's chocolate milk. In Mississippi the cartons made a point of pointing out that it was Dutch chocolate that they used. It was the best! Most of the brands out now use high fructose corn syrup so we avoid them, but the Tru Moo line (Deans produces it the areas around me) uses sugar. Might have to check it out, otherwise it's Ovaltine.
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