Coffee Recommendation For Bunn Coffee makers

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2010/12/26 02:00:41 (permalink)

Coffee Recommendation For Bunn Coffee makers

I have been using Bunn coffeemakers at both my office and home. There hasn't been any problems buying coffee that tasted excellent until recently. For years, I bought the Wechsler institutional packs at the cash and carry until Sarah Lee bought them out. After trying many automatic drip coffee machine blends, the only ones that I could find that gave a similar taste were perculator grinds. Winn Dixie sold a Superbrand grind that worked very well until they pulled it around 2004. When that was discontinued, we found a blend offered by Publix that was a perc grind that made a decent pot. That's now been offically discontinued this month. The automatic drip grinds for conventional 6 minute coffee machines taste horrible in the Bunns. The company seems to suggest the opposite of what we've found ideal for these machines. While it seems that a coarser blend tastes better, they claim that a 3 minute cycle demands a finer grind then regular coffee machines. For a 10 cup (60 oz.) they call for 8 tablespoons using their filters. Maxwell House's institutional pack coffe in the big blue container has been recommended with a medium grind. While it jives with Bunn's recommendation in terms of grind, it tastes horribly bitter. If you try backing off 2 tbsp, the coffee level drops below the minimum 1" and the force of the Bunn's spray jets blasts the coffee away from the center of the filter resulting in very weak coffee. I'm sure there are plenty of office service blends that are optimized for the Bunn's. It doesn't seem that I'm going to find another perc grind with the two chains monopolizing the local market. Anyone have a good recommendation for the Bunn's for a good restaurant cup of joe?

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    Re:Coffee Recommendation For Bunn Coffee makers 2010/12/26 07:33:01 (permalink)
    DawnT, you have lots of knowledge in this area, so I don't know if I can be of help, but I bought a Bunn VP17 because I also wanted restaurant-quality coffee at home.  All taste buds differ, of course, but there are three coffees I particulary like and often rotate so I won't get bored:  Tchibo, Farmer Brothers, and Dunkin' Donuts.   All of them have a variety of roasts available, and I know Farmer Bros. is available in whole bean, can, and restaurant packs.  I think it's a great restaurant coffee and particularly like their Gourmet Medium Roast.
    Tchibo is a German coffee of superb quality (again with a variety of roasts).  I enjoy Tchibo Exclusive Mild, which comes vacuum packed in a relatively fine grind.  It brews up superbly in the Bunn and receives unsolicited raves every time it's served.  To me, it tastes as close to percolated as you can get from an automatic drip.  There is also Tchibo Exclusive, Tchibo Gold, etc., all with rich flavor and wonderful aroma.  I've given each of these as gifts, too, with enthusiastic response.   
    Based on Sundancer's recommendation, I plan to try Mello Joy soon.
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    Re:Coffee Recommendation For Bunn Coffee makers 2011/06/11 02:23:41 (permalink)
    I think barista coffee shop is the best for a cup of coffee.

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