Cold Stone Creamery

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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2004/04/22 16:25:31 (permalink)
Al, I don't bring it all home for myself, because I have not much more self-control than your lovely wife when it comes to ice cream. I bring it home for gifts... ALWAYS appreciated!
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2004/12/10 14:28:26 (permalink)
I tried the new local one that opened here a short time ago. It was very very good, but at $5 for a small (they call it medium)serving in a plastic cup, I find it to be expensive. They are doing very well, I hear. The local franchise belongs to the son of a friend. They have done well with a winter opening, so summer should be great for them. It is nice to see a "little guy" get ahead.
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2004/12/10 15:25:04 (permalink)
We have a Cold Stone here in Gainesville. When my husband used to deliver produce and stuff that was one of his stops. Shortly after opening my husband was making a delivery and was asked if he wanted a cone, cup(or whatever they sell(I know ICE CREAM), I don't eat sweets)he said "sure". The server brought it too him and said "The'll be "x" amount of $ and cents, please." My husband said he about dropped it on the floor. Of course he was thinking since he was offered it'd be complimentary...all I know is that they are apparently expensive.
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2004/12/11 13:31:25 (permalink)
There's one about 5 minutes from me, in an upscale "lifestyle center" (LL Bean-based "strip" mall). When this place opened, and since then, the lines were so long and the people so whiny, spoiled-sounding and cranky (it's the neighborhood) that it turned me off. Once inside, they seemed efficient. If you leave a tip they all sing in unison about it, or chant a poem which ends "Thanks for the tip". I had only gone there on a buy one get one coupon because they are so expensive. I thought the flavor was just OK and I did get an upset stomach from it, I guess because the butterfat content is so high (or maybe it was all that chocolate upon chocolate I had to have at that particular moment). My daughter was a kitchen volunteer (too busy now) at Sur La Table, which is an upscale cookware store steps from the Cold Stone, and she made it a point to get a cold smoothie or milkshake-type drink from there with a co-volunteer before people showed up for the classes. For her this was ritual.

Oh, and get this: they opened a new Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins combo, also about 5 minutes from us pretty recently, and when passing it last week, my daughter said to me, "Mom, what's the ice cream like there? Could we try that sometime?" She was speaking as if it were the new, gotta-try place and Cold Stone was the old-style neighborhood hangout. I did feel old at that moment, and a little confused.
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2004/12/13 00:06:17 (permalink)
I had it twice, and it was a goopy mess in a cone. All that hand mixing with warm ingredients.. makes slop. Plus, they sing cheesy songs and have a strange ordering process. I don't like hard ice cream that is served soft.

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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/01/06 23:47:06 (permalink)
ohhh hahaha those places are now popping up around here too. buttttttttttttttt
if you know what to choose, to have all mushed in, and YOU like your ice cream that way... crammed full of chunks of stuff and creamy/mushy it IS super yumshy
But i hafta say as the hot said (sortof) on 9 12/13/04...
the songs DO SUCK
SUPER cheesy.
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/08/15 21:51:51 (permalink)
i heard that cake batter was being brought back.
has anyone heard that?
it was my favorite flavor...
i hope it comes back.
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/08/18 10:48:59 (permalink)
Man, I saw one of these in Times Square this past weekend, and I was dying to try it. Unfortunately, we just didn't have the time. Ah well, next time!
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/08/18 11:28:11 (permalink)
Please don't compare a chain like Coldstone (ice-cream quality seems to be decreasing as outlets increase IMO) to Herrills. I have been to both Northampton and Cambridge locations and think it is the best ice cream anywhere. I especially love the Penuche topping and real whipped cream out of a bowl (no cans here).

I was really disappointed in Emack and Bolios (sorry about the spelling. I have tried their Stamford location three times and think it is really too expensive for the quality.

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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/08/26 17:56:42 (permalink)
Steve's was the original mix-in ice cream. Then Steve franchised the idea and opened Herrells. The big difference here is that Steve/Herrell had really good ice cream to begin with. Cold Stone's ice cream seems deliberately lacking in flavor so as not to interfere with the mix-ins which is SO not the point when eating ice cream!!!!
Baskin-Robbins gets the shaft competing with DD, but I'm glad to see them back. Baskin Robbins was my favorite before Ben& Jerry's Haagen Daz etc. For awhile it was hard to find, and their Rocky Road is the best, not to mention German chocolate cake and oh, the pralines and cream.......
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/08/28 19:52:37 (permalink)
I remember Steves in Davis square Sommerville. Middle of the winter there would be a line out on the street for the stuff. Chow Jim
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/09/09 22:12:08 (permalink)
Ya gotta pay for that marble stone and constant refrigeration running through it. I love Cold Stone, but my wife and I agreed we can only go once a year. We were going a lot when one opened near us and we gained weight fast. That stuff is rich! The goodies add up too.
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/09/09 23:38:54 (permalink)
I'm really dating myself, but I remember enjoying Steve's ice cream with the wonderful mix-ins in their store right off the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia. This was back in the early '80's, when I was a freshman.

I really don't eat ice cream much anymore (and actually am kind of glad to hear that it doesn't sound as if I am missing much with the Cold Stone Creamery franchises), as I find so much of the product that is served in ice cream shops today is so filled with cheap extenders and preservatives...the calorie consumption is just not worth it..

That being said, have any New Yorkers on the thread tried the low-cal treats from TastiDiLite stores around Manhattan? I have to say, I was suspicious of the hype years ago, but their flavors are incredible, and it is all low fat (although they got in trouble recently for claiming non-fat status for some of their flavors![|)]) I still can't figure out how they manufacture flavors like peanut butter, dark chocolate, etc., that actually taste like good full fat ice cream!
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/09/10 12:49:52 (permalink)
Their staff will sing this when you give them a tip... seems kind of corny


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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/09/10 14:53:16 (permalink)
Tacchino: I tried to start a thread a while ago on Tasti-D-Lite which died out. I am so addicted to it!!! I hear there was a court case the past few weeks ago that TDL had to change their advertising to "lower calorie" because it was stretching it a bit. The new signs I saw yeasterday said bet. 11-17 cal./oz. If this is true, it is worth it!!
I think TDL has a very fresh "clean" taste and fab flavors. The signs in the store says TDL was featured on The Apprentice and on Sex in the City. Anyway thanks for commenting. TDL is da bomb!!
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/09/10 17:06:26 (permalink)
Several Cold Stone Creameries have metastasized in the Chicago area.

Tried it twice, never again. The ice cream is not very good and I am not a fan of mix-ins. Plus, even the small portion can feed a family of four so it is either a meal for one or decisions have to be made.

No, thanks.
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/10/06 20:24:30 (permalink)
Maggie Moo's is another chain with tis kind of concept, but the ice cream is ten times as good as CS. One just opened in North Wales and Im addicted to it.
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/10/13 20:50:08 (permalink)
I went to one in Cleveland Ohio earlier this year because my cousin raved about it. Very good ice cream mixed in with Reces Pieces but extremely pricey. Good thing I didn't pay, my cousin did!
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/10/14 09:18:50 (permalink)
I have to wonder if CS corporate is keeping a good eye on the stores. The store in my town, Millbury Mass is doing great, perhaps, but I don't know, because they follow the "book". The ice cream is wonderful. It is not the old gummy, stale product noticed by other posters in other stores. It is expensive, but people seem to be willing to pay for quality. The owners are hands on. In less than a year they have become the number 3 out of over 2000 CS stores. Maybe the volume allows them to put out a very fresh product.
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RE: Cold Stone Creamery 2005/11/05 15:45:42 (permalink)
Cold Stone's ice cream is gummy in texture and bland. You have to mix stuff in to get some flavoe.
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