Columbia's Steakhouse Diego Salad

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2005/07/10 09:26:58 (permalink)

Columbia's Steakhouse Diego Salad

Does anyone know the recipe for Columbia's Steakhouse (located in Lexington, KY) Diego Salad? I can guess the major ingredients (finely chopped lettuce, tomatoes, celery, onions, and radishes), but do not know the spice or spices that are added. This salad is very good! Thanks!

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    RE: Columbia's Steakhouse Diego Salad 2005/07/11 02:18:08 (permalink)
    I stopped at one of the Columbia Steakhouse stores tonight (there are three) and talked with a manager about the Diego Salad. She didn't mind sharing what she knew with me.

    Here's the recipe she recited:

    chopped lettuce
    chopped tomatoes
    "special seasoning salt"

    The takeout menu lists the same ingredients.

    The lettuce is chopped iceberg and the manager says there's not much onion in the salad (On the way over I was wondering if the Diego contained any onion). When I think of the Diego - which I've enjoyed many times - I think of all that chopped celery. The fresh celery flavor always seems to dominate. The manager says the "special seasoning salt" is not a commercial blend, but something they make up themselves.

    Customers order their choice of dressings. I've nearly always ordered the house dressing, which is just oil and vinegar. It seems perfect for the ingredients and I associate it with the Diego.

    I asked if there was a chance of obtaining the special seasoning salt recipe, and the manager smiled, nodding her head in a "I don't think so" manner.

    Since I'm acquainted with one of the company's managers, I'll see if they can share the recipe or its ingredients and let you know what I learn. If you want to take a shot yourself, the number for the Limestone location is 859-253-3135. The main office/commisary number is 859-231-0008.

    When I next visit Columbia's, I'll order the Diego with dressing on the side. That might allow me to identify some of the ingredients in the seasoning salt. We'll do our best to eventually answer your query.
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    RE: Columbia's Steakhouse Diego Salad 2005/07/11 13:45:34 (permalink)
    Wow, a JimInKY sighting! Hi Jim!!!
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    RE: Columbia's Steakhouse Diego Salad 2006/05/04 12:01:10 (permalink)
    I worked there a LONG time ago but if I recall correctly the 'special seasoning salt' was celery salt.
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    RE: Columbia's Steakhouse Diego Salad 2006/05/13 17:53:09 (permalink)
    I always thought the "special seasoning" was a combo of celery salt and ground black pepper. I love the Diego Salad!

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