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2018/06/24 11:11:33 (permalink)

Connecticut Quickie

Went to visit our cousin near New Haven this week.   Here's a quick recap.
1.  The Sandpiper (East Haven), was solid again.   Great fried clams and scallops.   It's right down the road from her and it's wonderful.
2.  Getting take-out wasn't as heavenly as dining at Zuppardi's (West Haven), but still the clam and the sausage pies were almost as fantastic despite a half-hour in a box.   We ended up getting three meals out of them.  Zupp's is our favorite New Haven pizza.  Medium clam - $ 33.   
3.  New to us:  The Shack (East Lyme).   Didn't expect to wait 15 minutes for a table at 10:30am on a weekday, but we did.  Clearly everyone knows about this place.  Not exactly a shack, it's fairly large and modern - with antiques hanging everywhere.  We both had the Hash and Cheddar Omelette (Special) with onion-heavy home fries, toast, fresh fruit and coffee.   A great meal.
4.  New to us (on the way home):  Denmo's (Southbury).   I promised the Mrs. a lobster roll on the trip and this was only a few minutes off the quickest route.   Knew it wasn't a good sign when I overheard someone saying "how do you make a lobster roll?".   The meat was a little fishy and in that weird spot between hot and cold (we ordered it "hot").   The fried scallops were not far off from The Sandpiper quality, but they forgot the tartar I later saw in the Roadfood review.  My son's burger was good and fries OK.    Clearly the one clunker of the trip.   Maybe if we just ordered hot dogs?
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Re: Connecticut Quickie 2018/06/24 12:34:58 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby stanpnepa 2018/06/24 13:04:41
Hey Stan, good to hear from you!  Classic CT fare is never far off the highway.
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Re: Connecticut Quickie 2018/06/24 12:39:28 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby stanpnepa 2018/06/24 13:04:49
I was really disappointed when we went to The Shack a few years ago. I always loved the old place, where it truly was a shack. Back then they made their own corned beef hash and it was wonderful, but this last time, in the new place, I was surprised to get a plate of canned hash.
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Re: Connecticut Quickie 2018/06/24 18:22:06 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby stanpnepa 2018/06/24 19:56:04
Glad to see you hit Zuppardi's! They're easily my favorite New Haven pizza that's not actually in New Haven. (They, Sally's, Pepe's, Modern, and BAR make up my personal Big Five of the area.)
I went to The Shack several months ago when I happened to be around. I'd been hoping they would have shepherd's pie that day, but no such luck.  Their meatloaf, while decent, won't be displacing that of the now-gone Cypress Restaurant in Middletown anytime soon.
As for Denmo's...
Maybe if we just ordered hot dogs?

... that would be my recommendation!  Between the hot dog and burger that I tried there last summer, the hot dog was definitely more impressive. They do a quality chili, too.


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Re: Connecticut Quickie 2018/06/24 20:01:25 (permalink)
Ketteract, I've been to all the New Haven pizza places you mentioned except BAR.  Will try and get there next time.  Have always thought about stopping at Roseland on the way back home.
That dog at Denmo's looks delicious.  Doubtful we'll get back with so many other burger / dog stops along the way, but I'll keep it in mind.   Still bummed after spending almost $ 40 on two sub par lobster rolls.  
Michael, the hash didn't taste canned to me at The Shack - but I could be wrong.  It was a daily special, so maybe they made a fresh batch?
Hi Joe --- anything new and good around here?  :)
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Re: Connecticut Quickie 2018/06/25 08:11:49 (permalink)
Hey Stan, always glad to hear from you!
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