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RE: Connecticut Roadfood 2004/06/21 17:54:10 (permalink)
Originally posted by TJ Jackson

Rumour: the governor of CT is resigning his post in no small part because of the scandal caused by the disproportionately large number of CT establishments that have gotten reviewed on this site.

Well, an unfounded rumour is a type of rumour, right?

I'll omit my views of the politician Rowland, but I must defend his Roadfoodian taste: we met him at[url='']Perotti's[/url], while he was picking up 5 pies to go, and he paid for every one of them!
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RE: Connecticut Roadfood 2004/06/21 22:33:27 (permalink)
must've been taking them to the cottage for all the Tomasso workers!
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RE: Connecticut Roadfood 2004/06/22 07:16:18 (permalink)
I've been resistant to share this information but on the subject of Road Food in the Nutmeg State, we had a less than wonderful lunch at the esteemed Phillips Diner in Woodbury earlier this month.

Our first mistake was, perhaps, to go there for lunch (versus breakfast and their heralded doughnuts). We had seven people with us and nearly everyone ordered something different however the collective review was universally dismal. As for Phillips famed chicken pie (which I had), it not only was dry but accompanied by the most fake potatoes ever scientifically lab-developed.

Trying to make lemons out of lemonade that day, we did take a bag of Phillips' doughnuts with us only to have them taste as if they emerged from oil that desperately needed changing. (It was a Thursday, if that makes any difference.)

Again, I hate to share less-than-favorable news on this site and perhaps our experience this month was an exception. Regardless, it was a definitive disappointment.

Conversely, and on this same New England trip, the following shined through:

Rutt's Hut (Clifton, NJ)...A family favorite and ol' reliable!

UCONN Dairy Bar (Storrs, CT)...Nice side trip off of I-84.

Gilbert's Chowder House (Portland, ME)...Thanks to wandering jew for the recommendation of this on-the-water eatery serving the best clam and fish chowder I've ever had!

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RE: Connecticut Roadfood 2004/07/01 20:39:29 (permalink)
Stratford SuperDuperWeenie is now OPEN!!! Yayyy!
We drove through the Paradise Green area this evening and saw that the new branch of SDW is now open. We immediately cancelled our weekend cook-out plans and told all our guests to meet at the new SDW instead. We will host a tailgate party for them in the municipal parking lot nearby at the bandstand. There are other fine establishments in the two-block stretch: a Donut Inn, a Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Parlor, Paradise Pizza, Hong Kong Cafe for Chinese, a 7-11, a bakery, a liquor store, and an unpretentious bar. Also a Brooks Drug Store for all your digestive needs. What more do we need for a party?
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