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2006/07/29 16:59:55 (permalink)

Cook like Ted's

After reading Jack Barry's recent Roadfood update, I decided that it was time for me to stop by. I was finishing a two hour drive from Massachusetts that had me driving right by it.

The burgers that are pictured on this site were not as cheesy as what I had, though I did have some molten cheese dripping out of the sides that was manageable. I also ordered the burger fully dressed. For those who question how a steamed burger tastes, I had it with onion, lettuce, tomato, mustard, mayo and ketchup and I still felt that it needed salt and pepper.
Everything held together pretty well to the last bite as long as you moved the burger around some. I noticed that some of the regulars had the patty chopped up after it was placed on the bun. What isn't mentioned in these reviews is that the cheese is cooked separately and then poured onto the burger.

Obviously, this place has been reviewed by others and I don't want to step on Jack's recent update. But what did fascinate me was that they were offering a version of their steamer for you to purchase and take home. I though that was cool. It has ten trays, enabling you to make five burgers, while you melt the cheese in the other five trays. You put the water in the bottom of the box, place it on the stove and steam away. The price for this device was $250.

Now if only Louis Lunchbox offered a cast iron gas powered replica of their burners.....


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    RE: Cook like Ted's 2006/12/03 04:28:04 (permalink)
    they're best with fewer condiments, you need lettuce to keep the bottom bun from becoming liquid...:)

    lettuce, onion, mustard, salt & pepper works well and is easier to eat. although being from the west coast where we put mayo on almost everything, i don't like mayo on steamers.. it's not needed, since the burgers are plenty juicy to begin with.

    fwiw, tillamook vintage white cheddar from oregon makes a good substitute for the vermont cheddar that is supposed to be used, but isn't easy to get here...

    the burg'r tend'r works well (i have one) but it is a little bit spendy for a new one, especially if you don't own a resturant.. however, the plastic trays are available seperately (3 for $14 i think?) and will work in any steamer, stovetop or electric. the tray shape is somewhat important if you're going for authenticity in your home-brewed replicas :)
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