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2006/06/18 23:19:35 (permalink)

Corn Flakes

and who did what in them? I would like to take this opportunity to express my regret and apologize to anyone who's nice bowl of this crispy breakfast cereal I may have befowled. If somehow I have offended, disrespected or in any way caused you distress then I ask for your forgiveness. Well that not's really true but it sounded good. Made me feel bad to say it! If any of these things are so, I will say it was never with intent or malice and I am sorry if you have taken it as such. I won't however apologize for words and thoughts put forth in a spirit of fun and good humor. If my sense of humor is not your cup of tea well I'm sorry in so much that it's not. Not saying I'm all that funny but come on it's a forum, get a grip, you can't expect the best material all the time[|)]. I write pretty much like I talk with the exception that I can't backspace my mouth and I've rarely felt the need to do that here. I really don't understand venom of any kind as I don't understand the use of it. That's how it is with me but it doesn't mean I can't sling it with the best of them. I'll verbally spar and do the dozens with anyone if I know what I'm sparring about! In this case I don't have a clue. I swear I didn't even see that bowl, of cornflakes so I guess that makes me the monkey at the zoo. Well on the plus side for some I'm hittin' the road Monday to earn my living for a couple of months so I won't be here to ruin their day. Unless of course I'm near a library that's hooked up. That Al Gore is quite a guy ain't he! If I get my route before I leave I'll post it. You can hook up some some great grub on a carnival midway or festival maybe near you and your more than free to speak to anyone in line!

Oh yeah, I would be remiss if I did not say thank you to all those that have made this a very enjoyable and educational experience. I said once before there are a bunch of smart folks on here and I meant it then as I do now. Thank you so very much!

Now on with the show 'cause as ya know...Ain't NO Bidness like Show Bidness!!!

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