Could Mexico collapse?

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Re:Could Mexico collapse? 2012/02/12 17:11:40 (permalink)



porkbeaks, Putting ketchup on a "Mealie" will get you a one way ticket to Juarez

I'm not sure that John and Joe don't feel the same way about mustard on one of their mealies. They are perfection just the way they are.

pb, wouldn't that be a great country to live, a fantasy kind of restaurant that puts condiments on the tables so people would have a choice. We can only dream of this kind of place that lets people have a choice......................pnwc

When I snuck into North Korea last year, they had that! Didn't need any with my double dipped French Dip though!
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Re:Could Mexico collapse? 2012/02/13 09:38:06 (permalink)

I wonder to what extent Mexico is like Chicago in the 1930's or L.A. in the 1980's with lots of gang members killing other gang members but most people not directly affected.

As there over 40,000 dead in the past several years I think your chances of being "directly affected" are a little better in present-day Mexico than they were in Prohibition-ear Chicago or the various riots L.A. has had periodically since the 1960's.
Furthermore, I do not recall that wholesale kidnapping, decapitation, and mass graves were any part of those eras.
Then there is the small matter of agents and proxies of Iran using the pourous, chaotic border "situation" to export their crazed B.S. into the USA ... 
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Re:Could Mexico collapse? 2012/02/13 10:05:07 (permalink)
Also, the not-so-small matter of the ATF providing the cartels with weapons for the last few years. This "Fast and Furious" operation hasn't gotten near the press coverage it warrants.
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Re:Could Mexico collapse? 2012/02/15 00:41:21 (permalink)
Our Scoutmaster (a naturalized U.S. citizen in his late forties) just got back from a two-week vacation flying down and back to visit his mother and the rest of his family still living in Guadalajara, and I had a short discussion with him concerning this thread.  While there, he did some driving in the area, and he said he felt perfectly safe at all times.  His reaction to what I told him was, as long as you don't express an interest in drugs or the drug lords, you have nothing to be concerned about, since, as the old saying goes, "Curiosity killed the cat."  Border towns may be an entirely different story, but inner Mexico, as far as he saw it, has none of the problems mentioned here.  And I am certain if he had seen any hint of unrest there, he would have immediately started plans to bring them all to the United States.
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