Customized Pizza

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2004/10/17 10:55:13 (permalink)

Customized Pizza

I very frequently buy pizza from Walmart that is sort of plain. I bring it home and get to work customizing it. The base pizza is OK but I kick it up a few notches. I add more sweet onions, diced bell peppers, garlic, mozzarella, pepperoni on top to get dark brown, jalopena and some sausage. I add olive oil to the bottom of the crust to allow it to get crispy and brown.

Is the Sundancer doing a solo thing or do some of you do the same thing?????????

Really curious as always. If you do this, please advise. I am anxious to hear how others do what the Sundancer does.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

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    RE: Customized Pizza 2004/10/17 16:00:48 (permalink)
    To dress up a store pizza, we add diced tomatoes (either fresh or drained out of can), camelized onions and cut up salami, pepperoni or sausage. We have an Italian market where you can buy bags of cooked crumbled sausage which we like to buy and have on hand for pizza, sauces, casseroles, omelets, whatever. (Just take the bag out of freezer and take out a cup or two and you are set to go.) After the pizza is well heated, we then add some more cheese and back into oven until it melts.

    Our German au pairs always bought inexpensive "store" pizzas and put canned tuna, diced tomatoes and more cheese on them..........the canned tuna was great. We could not believe it.
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    RE: Customized Pizza 2004/10/17 17:18:00 (permalink)
    Has anyone tried the take and bake pizzas in your grocery stores or new restaurant chains now popping up and doing this??
    I do favor the brick oven taste of pizza so usually I just go to an Italian restaurant for a pizza.
    If we get a frozen pizza I'm afraid we are only venturous to add mushrooms on top
    I have tried three different take and bakes and I would just rather order delivery or sit down at the place and eat your dinner there. They weren't bad or anything just personal preference i suppose.
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    RE: Customized Pizza 2004/10/21 19:38:03 (permalink)
    Experimenting with the "Stouffer's" brand frozen french bread pizza was the basis for my recipe HERE:

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    RE: Customized Pizza 2004/10/21 20:00:03 (permalink)
    We have tried the take and bake, but by the time you add extra topings, I find I really don't save much money and the crust is never as good as from a regular pizza oven. In fact, most places use preformed crust from a freezer. We have a great pizzaria nearby that makes their own dough every day, and I prefer to let them bake it so the crust is nice and crisp. They have an unbelievable assortment of toppings, including what they call cup and char pepperoni, where the slices are placed on top and they turn up around the edge and get crispy. Just had one Sunday, 1/2 pepperoni, the other half a mix of chopped tomato, spinach, and feta cheese. This 1/2 sheet sized pizza cost all of $15 and fed three of us, with about four slices left over to warm up the next day. YUM...
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    RE: Customized Pizza 2004/10/23 01:16:20 (permalink)
    We ordered several times from Nick and Willy's Take-n-Bake pizza. Enjoyed them immensely until we bought the one with a hamburger topping. It was piled in the middle of the pizza and it was RAW.

    Do you know what a greasy mess you get when you cook raw hamburger on a pizza????

    What were they thinking???
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    RE: Customized Pizza 2004/10/23 01:51:21 (permalink)
    I'm with Sundancer on this one! Get a cheap frozen pizza and doctor it up! My first step is to peel off the pepperoni, then toss on some cheese (mozz or cheddar along with some parmesian), throw on my chopped veggies, then peel the stock pepperoni in half to cover the entire pizza.. Everything melts togethar nicely plus it's far better tasting then the majorty of the take out crap they sell around here!
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    RE: Customized Pizza 2004/10/23 16:51:55 (permalink)
    Someone mentioned a while back about getting a Pizzazz pizza cooker. It one of those that sit on your counter and spins, heating from the top and bottom. I purchase one and what's neat is that you can add your toppings as the pizza cooks. It's nice to add the extras after the pizza is almost done. I kind of end up cooking two layers, the original, and my toppings. You can turn the top and bottom heating elements off and on depending on how thick your pizza is, and if the bottom is getting crisp or not. I think it's kind of fun.

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