Dale and Thomas popcorn

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2006/10/25 20:33:54 (permalink)

Dale and Thomas popcorn

In our Sunday paper there was an ad in the coupons that offered a bag (or two) of their popcorn for just the shipping charges. They sent me a peanut butter and a dreamy chocolate popcorn. Absolutely out of this world. They sent me a catalog, too. I would normally not get this excited about popcorn but theirs is delicious. www.daleandthomas.com. This is not a commercial.

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    RE: Dale and Thomas popcorn 2006/10/25 21:29:56 (permalink)
    I don't know. It seems to me that at $2.95 per 4 cup bag they are making money on it. I browsed around and the 6 bag sampler, with six 5 cup bags is $28.00 plus $ 6.95 shipping. So if they can ship 6 bigger bags for $6.95 I don't think it costs $5.90 to ship 2 bags.

    OK, I'm a cynic, but if they are really serious about giving popcorn away, why not a coupon for a free bag (no shipping) at one of thier retail locations.

    It reminds of those infomercials where they offer to send you (FREE!!) a whole bunch of somewhat outdated computer discs for only $ 9.95 shipping and handling.
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    RE: Dale and Thomas popcorn 2006/10/27 16:46:50 (permalink)
    I received the "free" popcorn the other day. It was pretty good, but I was disappointed in the size of the bags. I agree that free should mean that (no shipping charges). Oh well, another lesson learned.
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    RE: Dale and Thomas popcorn 2006/10/27 21:51:27 (permalink)
    Sad to say, there is no such thing as "for free" anymore. I'm finding lately, that everything has a "catch" to it and its usually listed in fine print. That being said, I used to work down the street from a Dale and Thomas and I love their popcorn! It can't compare though to my friend Norma's caramel corn that she gives me a tub of every Christmas. I barley get through the day before I finish it off. Soooooooooo good!
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    RE: Dale and Thomas popcorn 2006/10/27 23:18:42 (permalink)
    I love chocolate covered popcorn! Its wonderful!
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