Damons Grill

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2011/07/18 09:21:33 (permalink)

Damons Grill

Damons which is based in Columbus Ohio has shut down their last restaurnat near OSU.The nearest one is in Newark Ohio. Why is Damons having so much trouble? I remember their first restaurnt was in the Continent and now that are is a slum. Damons had 7 restaurants in Columbus and they have all shut down.They have been closing restaurants eveywhere else.

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    Re:Damons Grill 2011/07/18 09:30:12 (permalink)
    The Damon's in Janesville, WI has been closed for a few years now and I believe the building has been empty and for sale ever since.
    After visiting the company website I see that the only remaining WI restaurant is located in Wisconsin Dells (tourist trap to the max).  I ate at one in Madison a number of years ago and I distinctly remember how dry and overcooked the ribs were.
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    Re:Damons Grill 2011/07/18 09:38:37 (permalink)
    Damon's had a nice concept, big screen tv's, interactive triva, etc., but horrible food.  Another kitchen designed around teenage workers and microwaves.
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    Re:Damons Grill 2011/07/18 09:41:54 (permalink)
    I heard somewhere that the last one closed becasue they lost their liquor license.  But it probably wouldn't have been open much longer anyways.  I work near the one that was on olentangy and drive past it to and from work every day.  The only time of year there was more than three or four cars in the parking lot was during the NCAA tournament or Monday Night football. 
    I haven't heard any specific reasons why they shut down but my personal opinion is that they just didn't keep up with the other similar places in town.  When they opened that was about the only place to get ribs and pulled pork and things like that.  And it wasn't really BBQ.  I think the ribs were par boiled and finished on the grill.  Nowadays you can get good ribs a lots of places here and the quality is better. 
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    Re:Damons Grill 2011/07/18 10:22:57 (permalink)
    Now if all of the rest of the national chains can follow suit!!!!
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    Re:Damons Grill 2011/07/18 10:33:57 (permalink)

    Damon's had a nice concept, big screen tv's, interactive triva, etc., but horrible food.  Another kitchen designed around teenage workers and microwaves.

    Exactly. Their ribs, which were their claim to "fame", were dry, tough, and you could hardly tell the meat from the bones...in other words, around here they were infamous for their ribs. Instead of slow roasting them, I think they flash-baked them in convection ovens. Blech! Especially when we have no less than four BBQ places in town that continuously win awards for their food.
    Of course, ours could also have been cursed by location. The building that was put up for Damon's has housed at least five other chain restaurants in the seven or eight years since Damon's closed. The funny thing is, every restaurant around it has prospered, and they've built several more. It's just that building.
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    Re:Damons Grill 2011/07/18 11:03:22 (permalink)
    None around here. We had one in Kingsport, TN that closed for a good while then was purchased by a locally well known restaurant owner. It reopened with a lot of hoopla but I think it only lasted about a year. Their ribs were pretty bad toward the end. I seem to remember the food being better in the beginning.
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    Re:Damons Grill 2011/07/18 13:47:05 (permalink)
    Damon's, Applebee's, Chili's, TGIFriday's... who cares.  Joerogo said it very succinctly. It's all very interesting until the waiter sets down the plate.
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    Re:Damons Grill 2011/07/19 05:46:37 (permalink)
    There's a couple open near where I live. There's one in Steubenville Ohio that my wife and I ate at last year and thought it was mediocre at best. There's also one in Robinson Township that is packed every night, but i'm convinced that I could serve spam sandwiches out of a trunk of a car in that location and make a profit.
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