Deep Fried Pickles

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2003/05/27 14:53:28 (permalink)

Deep Fried Pickles

Anyone like 'em? Ever heard of them? I'm not sure how far (state wise) these guys have made it, but we have had them for a while in MI. The best I have ever had are in Willis, MI at The Pickle Barrel Resturant. They do them in chip form (instead of spear) and use a very light tempura type batter.


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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/27 15:04:27 (permalink)
    I've had them at a country dining establishment in Waxahatchie, Texas. The name of the place escapes me. I was expecting something completely different. What came out tasted exactly like a fried pickle slice. Good though, and I'll have it again next time I see it on the menu.
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/27 15:10:44 (permalink)
    You can get them as deep fried spears at Rotier's in Nashville and they are damn good. Rotier's is reviewed on this site.
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/27 15:16:12 (permalink)
    I hear they are good with a side of ranch dressing, but have not tried them yet.

    Our hottest selling item at our softball field concession stand are "pickle pops". We pour the liquid from the empty pickle jars into little cups, freeze them and sell them. We can never keep enough, the kids love them. Who woulda thought?
    Michael Stern
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/27 15:26:29 (permalink)
    According to local folklore, they were invented at the Hollywood Cafe in Robinsonville, Mississippi. We first tasted them in the Delta several years ago (at an early Cock of the Walk), and just recently had some good ones at the Blue and White in Tunica:

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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/27 15:28:28 (permalink)
    Palomino in Milwaukee does them spear-style - I thought the batter fell off too easily and the pickles themselves were sub-par. I'd like to try the chips somewhere.
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/27 16:07:23 (permalink)
    We first had them at a BBQ joint on Beale Street in Memphis a few years ago. Can't remember which joint...but, they were great. They were of the spear variety served with a horseradish mayo.

    I made them myself for a party last summer, with my own homemade pickles and horseradish mayo. They were a big hit. I made them with the flour, then egg, then breadcrumb/cornmeal type of coating, rather than a batter.

    We also had them at a diner in Worcester recently--the Corner Lunch--and they were of the chip form and battered served with a similar horseradish type mayo sauce, I think. Very good, too.

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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/27 16:11:38 (permalink)
    I love them !! There are several places in my town that serve them. Usually they are either sliced in half or quartered (length wise). But they are always so hot that I burn the roof of my mouth, just like when I eat pizza !
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/27 18:58:03 (permalink)
    The Porthole Pub in Lynn, Massachusetts serves fried pickles as an appetizer - Love 'em! They use the ripple-cut dill pickle slices and serve them with a dipping sauce that sort of resembles ranch salad dressing, but I never bothered to ask exactly what it is. I guess it's more fun not knowing! (in this case, anyway
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/27 20:06:18 (permalink)
    Irish Lion, Bloomington, IN makes great fried dill pickle spears with horseradish sauce. Best Irish Pub I've ever encountered (except perhaps Finnegan's Wake in Edinburgh). They also serve brutally fresh Guiness by the yard & half-yard, a stellar selection of single-malt scotch and a seafood spread called Craibheachain (believe that is pronounced Cray-ba-haan) that goes great with a frothy brew.
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/05/30 08:17:09 (permalink)
    Fried Pickles had to be invented as a side to libation

    Ever time I have had them, it was after five PM.

    Always better with a beer.

    Paul E. Smith
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/09/04 06:53:28 (permalink)
    I love em too
    I dip my chips in
    First in Egg then
    in 7 sea's seasoning ???
    and also in Cornflakes
    then deep fry
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/09/04 10:02:42 (permalink)
    Here is a recipe I have made several times at home, and they are delicious! I also used the same batter to fry zucchini, and it was the best I have ever had.


    Posted by BETTYBOOP50 at - May 16, 2001

    Source: Restaurant Recipes

    Dill pickle slices
    1 egg
    8 ounces milk
    1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
    5 to 6 drops Tabasco sauce
    1 tablespoon flour
    2 cups flour

    Mix egg, milk, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and 1 tablespoon flour in bowl.

    Mix salt, pepper (to taste), and 2 cups flour in bowl.

    Dip pickles in egg wash, then flour, then egg, then flour, then drop in hot oil and fry until golden.

    For dipping, I stir a little horseradish into some ranch. Yum!
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2003/09/04 10:54:53 (permalink)
    Just mentioned in post in "Where Should I Eat" forum the George Street Grocery (restaurant) in Jackson, MS. That was my first spot years ago for fried dill pickles. Guess a lots of restaurants claim credit for origination. Know some little restaurant in Atkins, AR, also makes this claim. (Atkins was home to Atkins Pickle Co. for years, subsequently sold to some larger food processing company which year or two ago closed the original pickle plant there, nearly causing a riot.) Have also had them at Cock of the Walk restaurants, and most recent ones were at Hollywood Cafe in Robinsonville, MS. Didn't realize Tunica's Blue & White had them. I wouldn't care for them as a steady diet, but occasionally as something different, they are good.
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    RE: Deep Fried Pickles 2004/11/18 23:27:14 (permalink)
    I've had them at Hooter's, in Chattanooga. They were excellent. I've had them at Blue & White in Tunica and thought thye were excellent. had them at FatFishBlue, in Cleveland, OH and they were yummy as well. If I could only get them in Knoxville I wouldn't have to travel so much to find them.
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