Dining in at Pizza Hut ROCKS!!

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RE: Dining in at Pizza Hut ROCKS!! 2006/11/05 10:33:19 (permalink)
Originally posted by Tedbear

Originally posted by tkitna

I can usually eat a slice or two of the thin crust pizza, but not the pan pizza junk with the three pounds of butter that saturates the dough.

Yes, I agree that there is some kind of fat/grease/shortening saturating that dough. Aside from the so-so taste of Pizza Hut's product, on the few occasions when I ate it, I found that it sat like a lump of lead in my stomach for a few hours afterward. I suspected that it was loaded with some kind of fat in the crust since it was so heavy, so I am glad to hear someone who is of the same opinion.

However, I very much doubt that it would be butter. More likely, it is some very cheap type of shortening, possibly one loaded with trans-fats so that it can be kept for an eternity without going rancid. Luckily, in the NY/NJ area, there is absolutely no need to patronize a Pizza Hut, as we have a host of Mom & Pop pizza places that range from adequate to extraordinary.

Actually, it is a "garlic" flavored PAM type product that is sprayed on the pizza. Nasty, nasty, nasty.
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RE: Dining in at Pizza Hut ROCKS!! 2006/11/05 11:41:55 (permalink)
I think it has alot to do with where you live, as I said earlier upthread, we have come across a sit down Pizza Hut in many of the rural areas west of here. In some cases it is the only sit down restaurant in those towns and is a local gathering place. Where I live we have many great mom & pop pizza places but they are all delivery or carry out only, I can only think of 1 sit down place that has pizza but they have steaks, chops, Italian food too. The PH that is in my town is partnered with a Taco Bell and is drive up only.
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RE: Dining in at Pizza Hut ROCKS!! 2006/11/06 00:15:50 (permalink)
Originally posted by Greymo

Originally posted by Scorereader

Originally posted by lleechef

While I can't disagree that certain establishments when re-visited can bring back old memories, I certainly hope noone thinks that Pizza Hut has good pizza. My gawd. That is NOT pizza! I don't know what it is but it sure as heck is NOT pizza.

dough, sauce, toppings, cheese. It's a pizza. It's a lousy pizza, but it's a pizza. sorry.

Look, and not to pick out lleechef - I only used this quote as an example, but it's one thing to not like the food, it's another thing to get snobby about it.

Well, I do not think she was being snobby at all. If one is used to really good pizza, one does not think of Pizza Hut as a place to get pizza. (I would rather go without and have done so.) And the pizza that you referred to on Rt 81 is something that I call tomato pie and it is a heck of a lot different than what I consider a real pizza. I have a daughter whose's family loves that stuff and serves it at every party.We all have our opinions on every food and I have never found a chain that serves really good pizza.

it is snobby to say "it's not pizza" when clearly it IS pizza.
I DO NOT EAT Pizza Hut pizza. Let me clear about that.
But lets not come into the FFF and say it's not pizza.
that's my point. I never said it was snobby to say that something doesn't cuit your taste.
Considering the loose definition of "pizza" I would argue pretty hard that a tomato pie IS a pizza. People call things on bagels and english muffins "pizza."
And to the point, I don't think anyone should waste time on eating crappy pizza either.
It's not a question of stating that you do or don't like a place, it's a question of using the argument that the food isn't the food it claims to be, when clearly, it IS.
I don't eat any nat'l chain pizza.
I have my favorites here in DC - and Pizza Hut, dominos, little ceasar, papa john's aren't one of them.

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RE: Dining in at Pizza Hut ROCKS!! 2006/11/06 11:31:34 (permalink)
Score, kinda like "it aint real chili" I guess?
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RE: Dining in at Pizza Hut ROCKS!! 2006/11/06 11:59:35 (permalink)

Even though Chipley is a small town (although that might be changing!), we do
have a lot of sit-down restaurants including Pizza Hut. When they opened here
in 1980, they were right in the middle of the shopping center across the street
& that made it different since it was small, & the lighting & atmosphere were
more intimate.

Of course, about 10 years later, they got their own stand-alone location &
became like all the other Pizza Huts (subsequently, that building was torn
down & a new building took its place).

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RE: Dining in at Pizza Hut ROCKS!! 2006/11/06 16:20:21 (permalink)
Originally posted by PapaJoe8

Score, kinda like "it aint real chili" I guess?

yes. precisely.
phew, I thought I hadn't explained myself well.

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RE: Dining in at Pizza Hut ROCKS!! 2006/11/07 08:19:21 (permalink)
I have been reading this thread with great interest. I myself have never eaten at a Pizza Hut or Dominos or Papa Joe's due to the fact that I am blessed with a great many local pizza parlors in my area. I think the original poster of this thred was reffering to how nice it was to be able to sit and enjoy the pizza right at the establishment rather than to take it to go and eat it elsewhere. I have a favorite pizza parlor that charges more money for their take out pizzas, it's cheaper to eat in house.
The only chain pizzas that I've had {Sabbaro's and Papa Ginos} were both pretty good but wouldn't go out of my way for them. And a last thought, don't thumb your nose at a pineapple and bacon pizza unless you have tryed it, I did and thought it was very good and would do it again. Chow Jim
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RE: Dining in at Pizza Hut ROCKS!! 2006/11/07 17:47:21 (permalink)
Putting a pizza in a cardboard box will always make it suffer.Putting the pizza in a box inside an insulated bag will make it even worse,no matter how exceptional it is.I contend that it is always preferable to eat your pizza at the venue.If thats not possible,its better to look for another pizzeria.
Some places used to wrap the pizza in a thin paper bag.My gut feeling is the pizza got less steamed in a thin bag than it does in the thick cardboard,but its been so long since I have seen one of those bag pizzas that I cant be sure my memory is correct.Obviously the bag will not provide as much protection as the box,I suppose thats why they all come boxed nowadays.
Just wondering,do DiFara's and Frank Pepe's sell takeout pizzas? I cant imagine a serious pizzaiola allowing one of his creations to be put into a box.
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