Do you own Formal wear?

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Re:Do you own Formal wear? 2013/03/18 09:30:01 (permalink)
I used to have a black orchestra gown (that  I made myself - $160 for the fabric alone).  I also wore it to funerals and halloween parties (doubles nicely as a witch costume).  Unfortunately, it got accidentally left at my dad's house when I moved from one town to another and his new wife is a naracisstic-passive-aggressive-control-freak.  She didn't like 'that style' (OMG, it shows cleavage - bare in mind I'm closer to 50 than 12) and she threw it out.  Other stuff that she decided I don't 'need' has also disappeared (pictures of my deceased mother, expensive gifts my ex gave me,  etc).  To keep me from trying to rescue anything else, she nailed the storeroom door shut.  Is it any wonder why her own daughter avoids her as muchas possible?  LOL
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