Helpful ReplyDoes anyone remember Burry's Cookies?

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RE: Does anyone remember Burry's Cookies? 2012/03/03 14:41:21 (permalink)
In December 2011 the old Burry factory caught fire -- here's an excerpt from the article with a little more history.  The French company that bought it from Quaker is probably Lu as has been mentioned previously in this thread.  As a Girl Scout in Southern California in the 1970s-80s, we sold Burry cookies.  I still love the Thin Mints, but they aren't quite as good!
"The building, which extends four blocks from north to south and two blocks east to west, is the former site of the Burry's Biscuits, a landmark cookie and cracker maker and a staple in the Elizabeth business community. Established in 1936, the company was well known for making Scooter Pies, Gaucho peanut-butter cookies and Fudge Town chocolate cookies. It also began making Girl Scout cookies in 1944. The company eventually was bought by Quaker Oats and then sold to a French company in 1981. "
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RE: Does anyone remember Burry's Cookies? 2012/03/03 15:46:06 (permalink)
I remember Fudge town by its original name,double fudge cookies. Burry's also made Girl Scout cookies when they tasted good. This year's cookies taste bland, no flavor. Worst thin mints ever!!!
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RE: Does anyone remember Burry's Cookies? 2012/03/09 13:48:30 (permalink)
Attached is a link to the most comprehensive image gallery I have found of Burry products, including the Burryland map game.  I had forgotten that the Gaucho cookies once had a stereotypical gaucho (complete with wide legged gaucho pants, scarf, hat and bolo) on the box.  I guess it was later decided that a happy elephant mascot was more acceptable.
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RE: Does anyone remember Burry's Cookies? 2012/09/27 17:48:32 (permalink)
Yes, I used to live in Elizabeth, NJ and remember them well.  You can get all the information you want from the horses mouth.  The Burry's own The Fudge Shope in nFlemington, NJ on route 202.  I was told before the building had a bad fire all the chocolate cookies on all ice cream sandwichs were made there.  They still might be made there.  That is one of the largest building in the country.  2 million sq feet
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RE: Does anyone remember Burry's Cookies? 2012/12/18 19:46:20 (permalink)
I grew up in Southern California and made a couple Burry's Cookie commercials in the late 60's.  For Scooter Pies, another kid and I would run up to the Burry's shelf of a staged grocery store and pull out boxes where we could see into "Burryland".  We'd point and laugh and animate as we watched the Burry Giants bumbling antics however we were looking into an empty space where the cartoon footage would be inserted.  For Lickety Splits, I think we stood next to a cookie conveyor belt going around and inserting fudge.  I forget the details, but for a couple of 9 or 10 year olds, it was a blast.  We'd get to miss a day or two of school (they did have a set teacher), have box lunches, play hide and seek, then take boxes of Burry's goodies home when it was all over.  Our mom would put the boxes on top of the regrigerator and dole out for lunches but with 6 siblings, they went fast. The best part was to see the finished commercial played during Saturday morning cartoons.  We kids would jump up and get close to the black and white screen and scream for our folks to come see.  Recently I found mini packages of Scooter Pies at Cost Plus and bought a couple for the heck of it.  They weren't the same as I remembered, but it was fun to take a nostalgic flash back in time.  Good times - good memories.
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RE: Does anyone remember Burry's Cookies? 2012/12/18 21:55:24 (permalink)
They were big in the Philadelphia area when I was young. I miss them
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Re: Does anyone remember Burry's Cookies? 2017/03/10 19:31:52 (permalink)
mrcoffee, I was appalled by your story, I'm so sorry!!
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