Does anyone remember Smokey's in NYC?

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2003/04/21 17:22:56 (permalink)

Does anyone remember Smokey's in NYC?

Does anyone remember Smokey's Barb-be-que in Manhattan? There used to be one on the Corner of twenty-fourth street and Ninth Avenue. It was the one of the best barb-be-que joints going. And, man talk about hot sauce, even the "medium" was a blistering affair. I often wonder what happened to that place and who owned it. I would love to pick his brain.

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    RE: Does anyone remember Smokey's in NYC? 2003/07/10 18:52:29 (permalink)
    I wish I had written down the names of the couple that ran the joint. They had been in on the circuit in competition, I remember the pictures on the wall, and the wonderful smell.
    I lived up the block on 24th and Smoky's delivered joy at any time. There was a fire (said to be in the grease catcher in the vents on the roof) but I kid you not, the neighborhood smelled great for weeks after. The location has hosted many food places mostly cheap donut shops.
    On a local note, the wonderful chinese restaurant that went in on the opposite corner almopst a decade later(where citibank was) is stll going strong.
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    RE: Does anyone remember Smokey's in NYC? 2003/07/19 00:30:08 (permalink)
    Ahhh! Smokey's! Being born and bred in NYC, Smokey's was actually my introduction to good BBQ. I had never been down south to know anything different or better. I think the guy's name was Mitch (maybe the last name was Levin or something like that) and he was definitely a Yankee. He got into the whole thing through Chili contests and, apparently, he'd won quite a few of them. I don't recall his wife's name but I was 17 and I had a huge crush on her. I used to go there at least once a week if not more.

    They actually opened a second, much larger location on the East side before they dissappeared. It was on 3rd Ave. betweend 23rd and 24th. It was the same menu but somehow I didn't like it as well as the West side location. It was a sad day when I happened by and saw Twin Donut in its place.
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    RE: Does anyone remember Smokey's in NYC? 2003/12/10 13:47:16 (permalink)
    I also seem to recall an outpost on Amsterdam & 93rd or for the hot sauce, it would literally eat through the styrofoam to-go containers! And do you remember the little name cards they'd give you to claim your order: Spiderman (pronounced "Speederman" by the non-Marvel-reading counter guy), Wyatt Earp, Daffy Duck, etc.....And I remember the place on 3rd bet. 23rd & 24th, but I knew it as Jack's Nest.....
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    RE: Does anyone remember Smokey's in NYC? 2004/09/09 09:17:03 (permalink)
    I don't know if anyone will see this as the original posting is so old, but I sure do remember Smokey's. Had some chili there (9th Avenue)one time that was so hot my stomach was in spasm for hours. I really didn't think that much of it, as I recall. No matter what you ate, the heat overwhelmed the flavor.
    And there never was a Twin Donut there. It was Jack's Nest, a vastly overrated soul food joint. And originally it had been an A&P. And now it's the original branch of a highly successful gourmet store group, Garden of Eden. But its highest calling was in my misspent youth, when it was the Chalk and Cue billiard room.
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