Does anyone remember....aquarium candy??

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2010/03/01 22:51:46 (permalink)

Does anyone remember....aquarium candy??

Hi all,
My friend swears that he used to have this candy when we were younger. He said it was called aquarium candy and came in a rectangular tube with toothpaste-type cap to squeeze out the gel inside. He says it was blue raspberry flavored.

I cannot find any reference to this anywhere (it is not the first link that comes up when you google "aquarium candy"). He may have the name wrong...or maybe he's pulling my leg and sending me on a wild goose chase.

Anybody remember anything like this? Probably early 90s - he grew up in Pittsburgh.

I always say if it existed it has to be on Google somewhere...but I am stumped.

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    Re:Does anyone remember....aquarium candy?? 2010/03/01 23:21:14 (permalink)
    Here's one (still available) that matches the description, but not the name.  Perhaps he just called it that, since it looked like blue aquarium water.

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    Re:Does anyone remember....aquarium candy?? 2014/01/15 07:38:30 (permalink)
    I just made a username so that I could answer this. I totally remember what you are talking about, down to the flavor, and I have been looking for it for a long time. It used to be sold at the gas station that my mom worked at, and it was my favorite candy. I have not been able to find it anywhere. I am glad it was 'Aquarium Candy' because when I got desperate I started to search for 'Fish Tank Candy', obviously with no luck. 
    I do believe that it is extinct, but at least I know I am not crazy thanks to your post. I was starting to feel like no one else on earth had heard of the stuff.
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    Re:Does anyone remember....aquarium candy?? 2014/01/15 15:43:56 (permalink)
    This shows up - not sure if it is what you're thinking of.  Looks like a totally low-budget production.
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    Re: Does anyone remember....aquarium candy?? 2016/07/12 03:26:29 (permalink)
    I do know this candy; it was awful. The first link on this thread no longer has the candy so I do not know if its right but the second one is wrong on this thread. The inside of the candy was just the strange tube squeeze candy there was nothing else in it. 
    I have been trying to find a picture to show someone I know that had not seen the candy when it was out. This is all I have been able to find so far.
    It was in a sideways rectangle shape with clear plastic and had a twist lid (like a toothpaste lid but smaller) it was yellow. The candy was a thick squeeze tube like candy that had sparkles. And it had small cartoon fish drawn all over it. The small fish where about an inch or two big and they where random single colors each. I can not remember the size of the plastic tube but I do remember it was a little bigger than my hands at the time when I was around 5. 
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