Does the Beverage Served Make a Difference to You?

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RE: Does the Beverage Served Make a Difference to You? 2003/07/25 03:24:26 (permalink)
I like it all,but I'm suprised that no one said Water.
I know this is one of the problems on the road,you can't always trust the water.
Usually I drink soda or iced tea too.
I find myself asking for green tea lately,if they have it iced that's even better.
Wine and beer are sometimes required too,at dinner.
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RE: Does the Beverage Served Make a Difference to You? 2003/07/25 04:13:28 (permalink)
I drink water in most restaurants because of the price mark-up on drinks. But in general:

coke or pepsi? Makes no difference to me.

sweet tea or unsweetened? either is fine.

coffee? I'm very particular and if someone in the restaurant business thinks that the type of coffee they serve isn't important...oy vey. I drank a cup of coffee once at a diner in Ogden, Utah and I still have nightmares about it.

In general, I want soda pop with salty & crunchy or salty & greasy,
coffee with sweet stuff, milk with plain midwestern cooking, and lots of good fresh water with anything that I actually want to taste. If the food has a lot of complex flavors, I don't want to wreck it with a strong cup of coffee or a glass of carbonated sugar. The exception is that if I'm eating food from another culture, I often want to drink something from that same culture, even if it doesn't go with the meal. Thus, watermelon-flavored water with tacos, thai iced coffee with their phad thai, beer with bar-b-cue.

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RE: Does the Beverage Served Make a Difference to You? 2003/07/26 17:30:03 (permalink)
Originally posted by kangolpimp

I hate to sound like one of the dreaded foodcops, but I would much rather eat my calories than drink them. Let's say I am at an establishment where free refils are given. And let's say that I am eating salty, greasy roadfood of any variety. I could easily go thru 5 of those large plastic glasses that places use. If I were to drink Coke or Pepsi or sweetened tea, that could be 1000 calories right there just in my beverages. I'd much rather use those 1000 calories for a huge dessert with whipped cream than for sugar in my soft drink. So, I drink Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, or Diet anything when they don't have Coke or Pepsi, and I will drink unsweetened iced tea and possibly use some Equal if I want it sweet. Sure, I like the taste of sugared soft drinks better, but this is my compromise. Because it bears repeating again - I'd rather eat my calories than drink them. Anyone agree?

Totally, totally agree with this. My daughter & I have been on Weight Watchers since last September (and are both doing real well, thanks). After we weigh in, we traditionally go for our "high points" meal, usually at a diner. As that's my boyfriend's only night off (Mondays), he usually joins us. First of all, he is addicted to Pepsi, but it must be Diet Pepsi. Must be. My offspring started drinking diet sodas & her preference is the same as his. If the waitperson says they don't have Pepsi, my boyfriend actually becomes momentarily depressed! My daughter rolls her eyes! Such drama, but having grown up with a brother addicted to Pepsi (and the other brother addicted to Coca Cola), I guess I understand. I don't even drink soda if I don't have to. I never did. I order unsweetened iced tea and I put Equal in it. I always carry it in case they don't have it. Yes, it makes a difference, I think, what they serve. Sometimes I do drink water, but sometimes the water tastes gross! I just do what I can...
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