Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent

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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/02 12:37:03

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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/02 14:20:14
Big Thanks to abe_froeman for an awesome day!!
My day began like every other day--with me running late. We were supposed to meet up at the Ryan Road Park & Ride @ 8:30AM. The time on my ATM receipt here in the 'sha reads 8:09AM. I made it to the lot in RECORD time, only to go the wrong way & end up back on the freeway, heading towards Milwaukee. lol  So although there are no witnesses except maybe some very amused DOT employees watching security cameras, I made it to the Park & Ride Lot @ about 8:35AM originally. In my defense, Goerke's Corners lot doesn't connect to the freeway. That I know of. lol ok moving on. 
Rode down with gyp and X1. We took Hwy 41 & it was a smooth ride down. We passed Captain Porky's, it was good to see where we'd be ending up.

We made it to Bennison's about 10-10:30? Classes begin @ Northwestern University pretty soon & this bakery is close to campus. We didn't get any maple bacon donuts, but there was no crying. Bennison's has PLENTY of other goodies to be enjoyed, including pizza, sandwiches, and both smiley face as well as frowny face cookies, sugar cookies, tarts, kugens, pies, breads, etc. I got a brownie, a caprese sandwich, and a frowny face cookie. 
The people who ordered coffee found it too hot to drink right away, but they did seem to enjoy it. Coffee, how I miss you. Bennison's, being a bakery and not really a restaurant, doesn't have a restroom. Also, I didn't see any water on their drink menu & I wanted some water. This establishment was nice enough to have cold bottles of water and a restroom. On the way back to the restroom, you could see the guys making pizzas. Fresh dough, nice & big pies, and shoved into their oven on paddles. Had we not been about to embark on an 8 hour eating adventure, I would have ordered a slice of whatever spinachy-looking thing the guy had on the counter. Giglio's Pizza of Evanston, we'll be back!!
The next stop was Edzo's. quijote and I split a burger with cheddar cheese, sauteed mushrooms and bacon. We also got 2 shakes and inadvertently shared them. Edzo's gives you the metal cup that they made the shake in, so I started with that. When it came time for my shake, I didn't think it tasted very much like blackberry, but drank some anyway, along with my water. It was then that q realized our shakes had gotten mixed up (all the paper cups are the same, and we had moved outside after being at 2 separate tables inside. Normally I *hate* eating outside, but it was almost 100% humidity yesterday & about to rain as we got to Edzo's. I was sweating like a whore in church just standing in line and it was MUCH cooler temps outside. We pulled some tables together and it worked out great. 
We also got the garlic fries, which were pretty freaking amazing. The burger was a little overdone, but that is my fault and not theirs. I don't eat that much meat anymore, and should have left the ordering to someone who does. I'd like to go back and have a day just at Edzo's with unlimited time to try some different things. 
After we got done eating, while waiting for the others to finish, we got to talking and realized X1 had never been to The Wiener And Still Champion, so we decided we'd make that our next stop...
(to be continued)
Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/07 03:01:08
Had a great time. Ditto on the big props to Abe_Froeman and her organizing efforrts. I just got internets hooked up at my new place yesterday so I'll post some pics here shortly. 
Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/09 18:21:29


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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/09 18:47:39

Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/09 22:36:30
Thanks for the gorgeous photos Gyp!  We were so worried about missing the maple bacon doughnuts at Bennison's, when we should have been thinking about those beautiful macarons.  You captured the day in extreme closeup.  Nicely done.
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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/10 12:48:26
Excellent! Cant wait for the October tour!
Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/10 17:13:24
That frowny cookie is too cute...and would make a good thread response from time to time.

Go Guspas!
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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/25 04:32:03
Bennison's has a website you can order food on--and I think we are going to order 10 MILLION bacon donuts before we get there next time.
You can order from The Wiener and Still Champion as well--for Pickup Only!!  (I asked the owner, he still has not worked out a delivery fee to Milwaukee. *cough* )
Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/09/25 23:58:06
i'm working on it
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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/10/25 04:49:30
^^good to know, good to know.

I really was expecting the others to report on each place, but since I started, I need to finish mine.

Our next stop was The Wiener And Still Champion. Since I had been there before, and met guspas a few times previously, I went in first while the others from our carpool vehicle got pics (see above, thanks gyp, great shots!) and waited for the others outside. I also wanted to warn guspas that the 10-12 of us would be descending on them. it was an unplanned stop, but HELLO, we were in Evanston, we know they have good food & what's more, we know the owner. I still remember our hot dog tour from way back when--that's how good the fries are!!! And though I really don't like ketchup (on a hot dog, or, y'know, EVER) I do like the ketchup guspas has @ The Wiener. It tastes almost...carbonated? But I digress...

I started out with my usual lame joke about the delivery fee to Milwaukee (see also above) and guspas was nice enough to inform me it was International Bacon Day. How awesome is that???? It has been years since I'd eaten there, so I'd missed his introduction of the Dippin Dog. guspas was kind enough to wrap bacon around a Dippin Dog for me before he fried it. We cut that up into pieces & shared it. Ketchup on a Dippin Dog is allowed, I think the cornmeal coating cancels out any of the "ketchup on a hotdog" rules.   The others ordered Deep Fried Chili Balls, Chicken Fried Bacon, French Fries, and I think someone ordered a Chicago dog. We had lots of French fry leftovers from Edzo's, but AMAZINGLY, there were NO LEFTOVERS of French fries from The Wiener & Still Champion.

Also, I have since been informed by a little birdie that Eddie was not there the day we visited Edzo's and quijote's & my burger wasn't the only one that was overcooked.

Outside the restaurant in broad daylight, abe_froeman (because she is a GREAT friend) handed me an item I'd requested earlier by text. THANKS ABE!!!  After The Wiener, we stopped at a convenience store up the street. I'd remembered all my various pills except Tylenol & I think the rest of our crew got drinks.

To be continued...
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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2012/10/25 08:06:49
As previously mentioned, the Cubs played the Giants and when we were driving to the next place we were able to catch the seventh inning stretch. Jon Lovitz did the singing, and that was HILARIOUS. Then gyp imitated the way Jon sang & that was even funnier. I tried to point to the area I thought Wrigley was, but sometime we will have to do a day in Lakeview
Next stop was Ravenswood Remix, and we drove right past it, thinking that couldn't POSSIBLY be the right place. So we made a very big circle & came back.
This was quite sublime. There were vendors with pretty art & jewelry and clothes, etc. There was a live band. There was a politician at a table. There were Port-A-Pottees ( *kicks rocks*).
And then there was THIS!!!
There was a dessert counter, which you can't see on their website. I got a key lime dessert, and a giant cookie that looked like an Oreo. Both were superb.
Next, Buddy went off the beaten path to Red Hot Ranch to get us some fried shrimp. (That's my hand holding the shrimp in the pic above). The shrimp came with 2 sauces, one was a bit hotter than the other, they were fabulous. We ate these outside of Cemitas Puebla. Nothing had appealed to me on their menu when I looked at it online, and in person it was more of the same. Also, I was approaching the infamous "wall" we are all quite familiar with, so I passed on food at this stop. They did have Jarritos soda, and I would've gotten a Jamaica flavor of that, but they didn't have it. It was confusing because they did have a drink called Jamaica on their menu, but it wasn't the Jarritos soda. No big. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meal. That's all that matters. The owner came out to say hi & even told us a joke. Hopefully someone with a better memory can remember what it was??
Next on the menu was gelato. The gelato @ Black Dog Gelato was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I got red plum and coconut in the same cup, and that was good. But the star of this show was the Blueberry French Toast that X1 gifted to me.  The first bite was the best: syrup, blueberries, vanilla, cinnamon. It was divine. I shared it with the rest of the group @ Captain Porky's, but everyone was pretty full by then. When I tell you my toes curled up in my sandals under the table, I am not kidding--it was *that* good.
Then came Captain Porky's. We ordered a little bit of everything--alligator, octopus (my personal favorite), ribs, jambalaya/ratatouille, and everyone got to try some of everything. Mrs Roadhouse also shared her gumbo with us. All in all, everyone was full by the time we headed north. It was a good day, even if the Cubs lost.
Thank you to gyp for driving, and to abe_froeman for planning a great day! Can't wait to do it again.

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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2013/05/28 16:14:01
Sundays stink for me unless I can give the boss adequate notice.
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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2013/05/28 16:18:04
Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2013/05/28 19:30:32
Not to be too picky, but you're responding to a tour thread from last summer.
There is a new tour planned for late June.  It's even on a Saturday!  And it's in Wisconsin!  You can find information here:
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Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2013/06/21 17:57:29
I would like to take this opportunity to thank abe_froeman again for handing me a GIANT BOX OF TAMPONS on the street in front of The Wiener And Still Champion.
You're the BEST, abe!!!!!

Re:Dog Days of Summer Tour: The Contingent 2013/06/22 02:16:27
No pictures?
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