Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donu

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2006/06/06 15:36:00 (permalink)

Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donu

Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donuts shops and/or bakeries out of business in our Area!

It was Supermarkets, the bakeries in the supermarket were too much competition. Meijer's, Krogers, Walmart, Martin's and all the other big Supermarkets drove the little Mom and pops out of business in our area. Even thou I live in Michigan, our Regional Shopping area is South-Bend/Mishawaka Indiana. Also Krispi Kreme and Dunkin Donuts have found it almost impossible to compete with these Grocery Store. There is only 4 Dunkin Donuts and one Krispi Kreme in a 45 miles radius of the South Bend Mishawaka Area.

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    RE: Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donu 2006/06/06 16:00:06 (permalink)
    I used to like Dunkin Donuts, especially the blueberry cake and chocolate doughnuts. Because I moved to where there weren’t any, I haven’t eaten one in several years. A new Dunkin Donuts just opened near me. I went to buy some. Good grief, it was awful. When did they shrink the doughnuts? And they don't taste the same.

    I asked the price for half a dozen and it was over five dollars for these small doughnuts. The clerk convinced me to buy a dozen (which was only a dollar and change more). I weighed the doughnuts and they were 2 and ½ ounces. A few were a little bigger but still less than three ounces. Dunkin Donuts is now pathetic. Yep, I will just have to continue to go the grocery store to buy doughnuts.
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    RE: Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donu 2006/07/15 20:40:35 (permalink)
    The thing I dislike most about DD is that the chocolate frosting.... chocolate GLAZE melts off the donuts in a day or two. Looks like they're using corn sweetener instead of powdered sugar, as "frosting" secretes something liquid.

    What I miss about the bakery donuts is the originality. DD and KK and especially supermarkets have a specific line they carry and that's pretty much all they will ever carry. Bakeries at least have the chance to surprise you with a specialty item, like the utterly incredible whipped-cream-filled longjohns that the bakery in Cedar Rapids' "Czech Village" carried.

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    RE: Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donu 2006/07/16 06:18:45 (permalink)
    I don't think it was the supermarkets, it has been an overall change in lifestyle. The old mom and pop places use to be a place where people would meet each morning and take the time to sit and relax at the counter and discuss what was going on. Also we do have the health factor to consider that in it self has a big impact on the overall donut industry. I can remember back many years ago that Sunday mornings there was always a long line for a dozen to go, if you didn't get there by 11am they would be sold out or the choices very limmited. But my freinds I'm afraid that those days are distant memmories. The days where the family was a unit, breakfast house of worship and sunday dinner together. No soccer or this camp for that one and haul another one to another event and basicly fracture the family, just a complete change of lifestyle. Don't get me started on how sliding glass doors and patio decks have transformed the neighborhood. Well off to Marty's donuts in Ipswich to pick up a dozen. Chow Jim
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    RE: Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donu 2006/07/18 13:22:40 (permalink)
    Years ago when we were military we use to love Dunkin Donuts, we lived around the corner from the shop and use to go in the middle of the night and get them when they were hot. I too hadn't had one for years and recently we ran across a Dunkin Donuts and it was horrible. Our favorite is Lamar's Donuts, they are huge and always so fresh. Think I may have to make a donut run today.....
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    RE: Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donu 2006/07/18 13:44:23 (permalink)
    The Donuts are better in Canada
    Even DD & TH ... Never seen a KK there ...
    But then I can still find REAL Bakeries, where they call Donuts ..."Frycakes"
    Donuts Donuts Donuts
    I don't think I've had one yet this year ....
    But ya know I love 'em
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    RE: Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donu 2006/07/18 14:26:06 (permalink)
    Hello All,
    I think Jimeats hit it. Back in the 80's, I worked at a university catering dept.. We catered morning meetings and in the summer, orientations. We always had donuts for the mornings. We had a local donut maker make all
    our orders. We're talking over 250 dozen each day during the summer, much less in the fall-spring. But the business we used went out of business. I would go there and pick up our orders, but they had so few other customers, and they were usually older men who had a coffee and donut needing a place to be. Our order just strung them out until tastes and trends eliminated the donut as a healthy breakfast food. I think donuts are
    more of a treat, and people have gotten so anal about breakfast being the healthy way to start the day, (which is not a bad thing, please understand.)
    A smaller and healthier donut could be marketed well as a snack and pick-me-up treat.
    I still love donuts, but rarely eat them.
    Take Care,
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    RE: Donuts - It wasn't D. D. or K.K. that drove donu 2006/07/19 17:03:54 (permalink)
    The only Krispy Kreme in our area closed about a month ago after being open for only about a year. Dunkin Donuts pretty much rules the market in our area. I must admit Hot Glazed Donuts are good, but in all honesty i generally perfer DD to Krispy Kreme. The Local Supermarkets, Hannaford, Price Chopper and Wal-mart all make donuts but none of them really any good.
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