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RE: Dugans Bakery Truck 2010/09/01 11:48:18 (permalink)
Tom K

My Dad, and my older brother, were Dugan Men for many years in Northern NJ riding around in Divco trucks.
I was their Helper on weekends for a whole $2 a day!
I also worked part-time for Dugan's in the Ice Cream Freezer at the Branch in Hackensack.

I was a dugan's driver. My truck was a 1947 Divco which you stood up to drive. I sold 1/2 gallond of ice cream too. I drove out of the Clifton garage.
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Re:Dugans Bakery Truck 2011/02/04 16:41:13 (permalink)
my dad was a dugans driver
we would get all the day old stuff free
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RE: Dugans Bakery Truck 2013/09/28 08:16:27 (permalink)
I remember Dugans had a seasonal bread that had cheese incorporated into the flour that made the most wonderful toast. A little butter and it was wonderful. Lived in Levittown, LI, NY at the time.
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Re: Dugans Bakery Truck 2016/03/21 18:02:16 (permalink)
OMG! Just found this thread & Joined. I was Just thinking about the Dark Choclate Icing Cupcakes from Dugans Bakery Truck .
In the Summer in Upper Greenwood lake , He would come around.
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Re: Dugans Bakery Truck 2016/03/22 08:42:47 (permalink)
Also from Queens, I think we also had a similar bakery delivery called Krug. I also remember Dugans.
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Re: Dugans Bakery Truck 2016/03/24 08:49:57 (permalink)
In Levittown, by way of Woodhaven and Glendale, we had both Krugs and Dugans. As mentioned above a few years ago, we did look forward to Krug's Peter Wheat comic. How times have changed...  
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RE: Dugans Bakery Truck 2016/03/24 17:03:58 (permalink)
My family lived in Branchburg, NJ. We got bread delivery's from Dugans, soda from Hoffmans and milk from Raritian Valley Farms.
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RE: Dugans Bakery Truck 2017/01/09 12:52:36 (permalink)
My Uncle Ben CELEBRATING HIS 100TH Birthday used to drive a Dugan's Truck
Does anyone know where I might find a picture of one to make a present for him???

I was a Dugan's driver. The truck was a 1947 Divco and you stood up to drive it!

Like this one?

What years? When/why did you stop?
Sir Loin
Yes, the Dugan man would come on Tuesdays if I recall correctly. If you wanted him to stop, you put a cardboard D in your window. Then on Thursday the Charles Chips truck would come by with big tins of potato chips and pretzels. Also got Hoffman soda deliveries. Ah the good old days.

What years? I wish you fellows would put a date on your memories to improve the context.

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RE: Dugans Bakery Truck 2017/01/10 20:31:06 (permalink)
A happy 100th. to your uncle. I remember fondly the Dugan's delivery trucks and all the sweet goodies they brought to our home.
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