"Dynamite" sandwiches

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2007/03/06 18:53:24 (permalink)

"Dynamite" sandwiches

While reading about Loosemeat/Tavern sandwiches in Iowa, I came across a thread that briefly mentioned "Dynamite" sandwiches.

I fondly recall eating these years ago in the Bellingham, MA and Franklin, MA area. I could swear that I had them at a place called "Grumpy's" but a search of their website ( http://www.grumpysrestaurant.com ) doesn't show any Dynamite on their menu.

I know they are a localized specialty in the Woonsocket, RI area, but I swear I had them at a bar in Bellingham or Franklin.

Has anybody had these sandwiches in these Massachusetts towns (which happen to border Woonsocket)?

If anybody is curious about the Dynamite Sandwich, here's a bit of info:




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    RE: "Dynamite" sandwiches 2007/03/08 20:16:31 (permalink)
    My M-I-L lives in Fall River and makes something similar, but with chourico. My wife grew up there and loves them. I, on the other hand, need to go some tums just from thinking about it. Ugh.
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    RE: "Dynamite" sandwiches 2007/03/08 20:48:59 (permalink)
    Never had one, but that recipe sounds good! Thanks!
    Only problem is with the cost of the peppers during the off season here would make that sandwich go for 8 or 10 bucks around here..
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    RE: "Dynamite" sandwiches 2007/03/09 10:31:17 (permalink)
    15 pounds of peppers and onions to 5 pounds of beef? WOW.. The basic recipe sounds like my base chili makings or taco night...
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: "Dynamite" sandwiches 2007/03/09 10:51:14 (permalink)
    I grew up in Warwick in the 60s/70s and when I heard of dynamite sandwiches here I equated them with the old, home-made, pre-Manwich sloppy joes. Never saw dynamites in Warwick, I certainly don't see them in Boston or Metro South where I live.

    I work in Westborough with a lot of folks from Bellingham, Franklin, Woonsocket and the environs. The only ones I've asked who've ever heard of dynamite sandwiches are those who lived in Woonsocket 20 or more years ago. A guy who moved to Woonsocket from the Midwest 5+ years ago (and has a Sister in Bellingham) swears I'm making it up.
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    RE: "Dynamite" sandwiches 2007/03/10 10:08:26 (permalink)
    Originally posted by dreamzpainter

    15 pounds of peppers and onions to 5 pounds of beef? WOW.. The basic recipe sounds like my base chili makings or taco night...

    Amen, Bro!
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    RE: "Dynamite" sandwiches 2009/04/27 17:53:05 (permalink)
    I am from Woonsocket and grew up eating dynamites at home and at all sorts of fundraisers in the local area.  The recipe posted above by Twojays is very good and very close to mine, which I got from the cook who made them for "Beer & Dynamite" parties at the original location of the Cercle Laurier club on Willow Street.  Feel free to adjust the amounts to suit your tastes, but do not try to upscale this sandwich as it is pure depression area peasant food from a very blue collar city.  I comment further on dynamites on my blog www.riyankee.blogspot.com.
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    RE: "Dynamite" sandwiches 2009/05/24 15:02:17 (permalink)
    Dynamites are definitely a Woonsocket, RI specialty.  You might find them uo to as much as perhaps 10-20 miles from Woonsocket, but they probably won't compare well.  They are essentially a mildly spicy / mildly hot sloppy joe served on a grinder roll.  Each year, I attend Autumnfest in Woonsocket to get my annual fix.    Outstanding.
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