Eastern European

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2005/05/16 15:21:28 (permalink)

Eastern European

Found great restaurant here in Columbia SC. Euro Cafe in the northeast suburbs, just off I-77 and I-20. Family is from the Old Country, it appears...several cars parked with stickers or logos of Ukraine.

They have authentic salads, soups, and entrees, but the real treat appears to be one of their "Royal" platters - you can pick from Russian, German, Polish, Ukrainian, or Bulgarian. I went for the Polish which had the best and lightest pirogi that I have ever had, a chicken cutlet stuffed with cheese and vegetables, and bigos, a national dish that is based on cabbage and pork. It came with two crepes with fruit sauce for dessert. All was wonderful!

A friend went for a bowl of borscht (he said best he ever had) and Russian platter that had stuffed cabbage, Russian dumplings similar to pirogi, shashlik (sp?) skewered meat, and veggies. He raved about it.

Atmosphere is nice, they even played some Ukranian music live. If you're in the area, check it out!

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    RE: Eastern European 2005/05/19 21:32:22 (permalink)
    Nummy-nums! Being Ukrainian myself, I was brought up on borscht, pyrohy/varenyky, skewered meat (patichky), and cabbage rolls. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any Uky restaurants here in Toronto, though my mother and I tried a sublime little Hungarian restaurant awhile back. Ah well, nothing beats Baba's cooking, anyway!
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    RE: Eastern European 2005/05/19 22:43:59 (permalink)
    Without wishing to open up any ethnic fault lines, I find it hard to believe there aren't at least Russian places in Toronto. Many larger American cities including my own San Francisco have sizeable Russian communities today with not only restaurants but delis, bakeries and take-out places selling Russian and eastern European specialties (they often call themselves "European" food purveyors).
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    RE: Eastern European 2005/05/20 20:52:32 (permalink)
    Great little eastern European deli/market in East Ridge, TN just off I-75, just north of the GA state line.
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    RE: Eastern European 2005/06/12 11:15:44 (permalink)
    If anyone is in the mood for excellent Eastern European foods, and is in the New England area, Worcester, Massachusetts has many stores that sell delicious Eastern European foods. Being Lithuanian myself, I tend to visit Tom's Delicatessen in Worcester (at exit 13 off of I-290) for superb Lithuanian and Polish foods. Golumbki, pierogi, kishka, chrushik, and packi can be found there. Also, right next door to Tom's, one can find a truly wonderful Jewish delicatessen, Weintraub's, that serves authentic Jewish cuisine.
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    RE: Eastern European 2005/06/28 07:41:54 (permalink)
    From what I've seen, you can walk into just about any pub/bar
    in Cleveland and get a nice dish of perogies, or some stuffed cabbage, kraut and kielbasa, etc.
    Not so much the restaurants, more like bar food, surprisingly.
    Bigos is an old polish dish that was made with many different types of game and simmered all day. It's called Hunters stew. I have a recipe for it in my polish cookbook that has been modifed to use non-game meats, pork, beef, chicken and sausage.
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    RE: Eastern European 2005/08/16 23:08:38 (permalink)
    Does anyone know of a place in the Savannah Ga area for european style food. I'm from Chicago and miss it dearly (especially polish). I'm aware of the Haufrahaus on Hilton Head (although i'm not impressed).
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    RE: Eastern European 2005/08/18 23:34:08 (permalink)
    Varenyky! My grandmother used to make the best potato verenikas.

    In Los Angeles (well Santa Monica) Warsawza is where you'd go for great Polish food. Then if you wanted to make your own, not so far away is a great Polish deli.

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