Eastern PA chips & pretzels

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Ort. Carlton.
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RE: Eastern PA chips & pretzels 2008/02/21 21:03:04 (permalink)
Originally posted by MetroplexJim
Old Frothingslosh Pale, Stale Ale

Yes! -- The pale, stale ale with the foam on the bottom!
The large lady on the labels was called Fatima Yechburg: "she's from a small town... it's a lot smaller since she left," the label read. Her real name is Marcia Majors... I think she's from Beaver Falls or someplace close by there.
We used to be able to buy Olde Frothingslosh in Georgia, but now we have to settle for plain old Iron City... Yuengling hasn't made its appearance yet.
Beerlornly, Ort. Carlton in Amazing Athens, GA.
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RE: Eastern PA chips & pretzels 2008/02/24 12:10:56 (permalink)
I love Herr's. A great snack food company always trying new flavors. You can't beat the Herr's factory tour. Nothing like eating the chips right out of the fryer. I used to take the kids there several times a year back when they were little. A great free way to spend and afternoon.
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RE: Eastern PA chips & pretzels 2008/02/24 22:48:44 (permalink)
And Herr's does a nice job of decorating for christmas. The light up all of the factory grounds.
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RE: Eastern PA chips & pretzels 2008/02/24 23:04:53 (permalink)
Old Frothenslosh: The Stale Pale Ale with the foam on the bottom?
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RE: Eastern PA chips & pretzels 2008/02/25 05:35:54 (permalink)
Yes,The Herr's factory tour. The Herr's company sure knows how to treat their customers...and my kids loved going through the store and meeting "Chipper".
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RE: Eastern PA chips & pretzels 2008/02/25 14:00:40 (permalink)
Just a brief opinion on Middlesworth BBQ chips, my Great Aunt Mamie R.I.P. lived just about a 1/4 mile from the Middlesworth plant in Middleburg, Pa.

I would normally spend two weeks at her house each summer, her husband my Uncle Homer and I would spend the days Black Bass fishing in Penns Creek. We'd always have sandwiches and a bag of Middlesworth BBQ chips for lunch. Something about sitting along Penns Creek, eating snadwiches and Middlesworth Chips will always keep me coming back for a bag when I visit home.

There is nothing quite like buying them at the factory and eating them when they are that fresh!
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