Eggs never get boring

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RE: Eggs never get boring 2005/08/04 20:37:44 (permalink)
Whenever your Dr. says your cholesterol is getting dangerously low, I recommend this for breakfast. Fry some bacon, two slices will do, remove them, add salt and pepper to the pan and fry for about ten seconds, add a couple of tablespoons of flour and cook until golden, add your eggs and cook until desired doneness; I like once over lightly with a slice of American jalapeño cheese. Its quite a treat that I'll have a few times a year.
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RE: Eggs never get boring 2005/08/06 09:46:21 (permalink)
Slightly OT but this year's pullets are starting to lay. Double yolkers abound.

Always felt sorry for the hens...consider this...they give birth every day. No wonder they go bock, bock, bock when they hop off the nest after laying.
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RE: Eggs never get boring 2005/08/08 15:18:16 (permalink)
I just made some eggs today and even though it was simple,it was still awesome. Took four eggs,cooked em,chopped em while cooking,added some black pepper and onion powder,added four slices of cheese,added a liberal dashing of tabasco sauce on top of the cheese,mixed everything together,BAM! excellent lunch!
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RE: Eggs never get boring 2006/05/23 23:34:54 (permalink)
Originally posted by Adjudicator

Originally posted by chezkatie

Originally posted by Adjudicator

Is there an "easy" way to make Scottish Eggs" ???

I am not sure what you mean by easy but here is my recipe. It IS much easier to bake rather than to fry them.


2 12 oz. packages breakfast sausage (I always use Jimmy Dean low-fat)
bread crumbs
12 hard-boiled eggs, peeled.....medium sized ones are easiest to work with
2 eggs, beaten

Divide sausage into 12 portions. Sprinkle bread crumbs
on dinner plate. Pat out each portion meat into a patty. Wrap
completely around a hard-boiled egg, pressing edges together to
seal. Roll into breadcrumbs and pat the crumbs onto the sausage meat.
Roll into the beaten egg and place on well greased baking pan.
Repeat with rest of eggs. Bake at 375 for about 40 minutes (until nicely browned).
Eat them hot, cold or at room temp.


How cool! Thank you! The only place I've ever had these was The Crows Nest in Cincinnati. I lived there for a time studying bourbons. Made them for myself a few times. I like your method so much better. I have seen them on menus here and there and at a few big fairs so they get around. Does anyone proclaim "The Worlds First(best) Scottish Egg"
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RE: Eggs never get boring 2006/05/25 07:16:03 (permalink)
Originally posted by dreamzpainter

over did "wildturkey" once...can't even look at a bottle now......

Amen Dreamzpainter --- I over did it with the whiskey once in teenaged years and no more whiskey for me!
Re eggs, I could eat them every day in omelette form or scrambled with peppers and cheese and crumbled sausage and topped with salsa or Tabasco sauce.

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RE: Eggs never get boring 2006/05/26 11:33:59 (permalink)
I have an egg sandwhich on plain bread w/may about twice a week. I use to take cold fried egg sandwhiches to lunch when I was a kid, and still love this to this day. If I am in a hurry in the am I run by Krystal and they will fix me an egg sandwhich on plain bread with a double side order of crisp bacon for about $2.50. Sometimes I just get a order of grits for 57 cents. Can't beat that.
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RE: Eggs never get boring 2006/05/31 00:58:35 (permalink)
Without a doubt I could eat eggs daily, no problem. Poached, fried(over medium), scrabmled, egg sandwiches, egg salad, breakfast burritos, smothered in sausage gravy (next to the biscuts), omlets, deviled, hard boiled with salt, benidict, I like them just about any way they can be cooked as long as they arent overcooked.

Bacon would have to rank up there too, there's really not much that wouldnt be better with bacon on/in it...
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RE: Eggs never get boring 2006/06/08 09:42:37 (permalink)
My seventeen year daughter made cupcakes last night for the last day of school. Used our eggs w/ the scary yellow yolks (from free ranging)...white cupcakes came out yellow from the yolks. she would say.
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RE: Eggs never get boring 2006/06/10 00:33:42 (permalink)
Don't worry about the cholesterol! If you're not eating sugar and a lot of white flour, then good, natural fats (not messed with, not rancid) is great for you, as are eggs and lots of them. Read "The Schwarzbein Principle" to learn why. Dr. Schwarzbein's healing diet starts with eggs every single day, in as many different ways you feel like eating them.

I see no mention of Spain's "Tortilla de Patatas" otherwise known as a "Tortilla Española." They eat this every day, at any hour, all over Spain. You can get a slice of it with your wine at seven in the evening or have it inside a hard-crust bread for breakfast with your "cafe con leche." It's made simply with potatoes and onions that have been fried in oil (ideally olive) and drained, beaten eggs, and salt to taste. You can add bits of chorizo and/or sweet peppers if you like. The whole mess cooks for awhile in the frypan (use enough oil to prevent sticking), and then you do this flip with a plate and slide the uncooked top, now the bottom, into the pan to cook the other side. Eaten at any temperature, taken on picnics, whatever... it's a perfect food.

- Lonnie
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