Emeritus job opening

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2009/03/25 15:23:25 (permalink)

Emeritus job opening

I came across some open restaurant jobs at Emeritus - this is an assistant living outift - has anyone ever worked in an assisted living kitchen? Is this different from a retirement home?  Just wondering if anyone has any insight before I apply...please help! Wouldn't this be a cafeteria? Or do assistant living communities have actual restaurants - I am thinking no. 
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    Re:Emeritus job opening 2009/03/25 17:59:05 (permalink)

    After living in a "Senior-Community" Leisure World in Orange County CA for many years, My Mother moved into an Assisted living Center in Oregon for her last few years. She was able to care for her personal needs etc, but found the daily chore of prepping food, eating and then cleaning up after herself, was more than she wanted to do, or really was able to do ( She was in her 90's). The Assisted living center had very nice apartments, a lot of recreational opportunities, and a "restaurant"/ food service center.
      I use the term restaurant 'loosely'. It was much nicer than a cafeteria . The daily choice at lunch and dinner had a minimum choice to three entrees, and they had additional special diet stuff for those who needed cultural or medical oriented foods. Guests were welcome to dine with the resident's although if more than a couple of 'guests' were present, the business requested advance notice if possible.
      Meal time hours were pretty liberal. While I would not consider the food to be Upper end Yuppie...I would place it WAY ABOVE any cafeteria food  or (regular)Buffet I have run across.

    OH, other memories come back to me... They did do table service, meaning the resident's sat at normal tables (for four) and ordered from printed menus. The food service folks  served and bussed the tables. They also had special desserts etc for special events like Birthdays and Aniversaries.
      The Center provided Linen and Maid service once a week and a "Block Watch" sort of look-out-for-your-neighbor program to prevent someone from 'disappearing in the building for more than an hour or two without the staff being aware.

    When my Mom suffered a small stroke she had daily visits from the Medical Staff and 'Room Service' for meals for a couple of weeks. She hated the Room Service, only because she wasn't able to gossip with her friends at mealtime, something she enjoyed very much.

    I hope this paints a bit of a picture of life at that center . It was a very good experience for her and for our family. My sister lives just a few miles from the center so Mom was not alone when she needed family around.  BTW Average monthly fee was just over $3000 . That included rent, food, and all appropriate services including Cable and 'Net and 'Local' Phone. The facility looked like a large multi-story Motel with all the food service and cultural areas, including the pool and exercise room on the ground floor. Mom called it her "Holiday Inn"...Not a bad description, actually.
    This ended in December 2004 with her passing.
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    Re:Emeritus job opening 2009/03/26 10:52:55 (permalink)
    My MIL was in assisted living with much the same experience as Al's mom. The place looked like a nice apartment complex. Dining was in a central location and the residents were served, guests could dine with the residents for a small payment, there was even an apartment for overnight family guests for a cost much less than a hotel room. There was also a snack bar for coffee and popcorn and such and a small dining room that family could use for a meal they have brought in for the resident for special occasions. Seemed like a real nice place and nice staff.
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    Re:Emeritus job opening 2009/03/26 12:42:54 (permalink)
    My Grandma lives in an assisted living center.  She is fully capable of taking care of herself, she just didn't like taking care of a house and yard, and she has instant access to nursing and a MD if needed.

    Her care center kitchen provides both meals for the residents in their apartment units if needed, and also provides 3x meals daily in the in-house cafe.  Not a big menu, but a very rotating one for lunch and dinner.  Perhaps not a lot of variety within a given day, but a whole lot of variety in a given week or month.  As a guest I was always impressed with what was served.
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    Re:Emeritus job opening 2009/03/29 12:39:16 (permalink)
    Although you probably won't greatly enhance your Chef skills, if the pay is decent, it's still cooking in a kitchen, go for it!
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    Re:Emeritus job opening 2009/04/13 16:22:36 (permalink)
    Great feedback! Thanks everyone!
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