Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House?

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RE: Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? 2007/01/27 16:23:36 (permalink)
When Fogo de Chao opened in the Atlanta market, I was told by a friend who was raised in Brazil that another churrascaria was better and cheaper. We have eaten at Carro de Boi a few times, but not recently. At $24.95 (it may be more by now), it was way under Fogo de Chao and was very enjoyable. Their salad bar was so tasty that I had to remember to leave room for the meat. That may be part of the plan.
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RE: Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? 2007/02/04 11:07:43 (permalink)
These places are best with a large group of people. For the best bang for your buck take it easy at the salad bar and leave room for the meat.
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RE: Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? 2007/02/04 12:10:25 (permalink)
I ate at the one in Panama City FL. It was good but not great. I did leave full though
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RE: Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? 2007/06/11 07:45:05 (permalink)
Let me just add that The quality of meats at these Brasilian "Rodizio restaurants" varies from restaurant to restaurant. To eat at one and say that the meats arent good is like saying that you've been to an Italian restaurant once and that their pasta isnt good.

I've been to well over a dozen "Rodizio" restaurants. Mostly in Newark, NJ

The best ones in that city are "Cassa Nova" & "Fernandez Steakhouse"

Both priced at about $25 per person.

I also ate at "Porcao" in Ipenema, Rio De Janeiro and the meats were so so. They also tried to add mixed drinks to our bill. Be careful when traveling to the poorer countries as alot of times they will try to rip you off!

My favorite meats are the beef short ribs, Pichanha (Top Sirloin), & Lombo de porco (Pork loin)
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RE: Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? 2007/06/12 13:31:25 (permalink)
Fires of Brazil in Nashville is great. There was also one in DC that I could have sworn was called Cabana Carioca (like the one in NYC that closed)...I have to wonder if they were sister restaurants and both closed.

I never went to the NYC one, and could not have pulled that name out of the air if it hadn't been in DC...or at least something with a similar name. I don't recognize any of the DC Brazilian restaurant names I'm seeing now...and, of course, this was 1996. Maybe it's gone.
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RE: Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? 2007/06/27 16:02:48 (permalink)
Originally posted by CajunKing

We just met some friends this weekend at Amor de Brazil, no the prices had not come down yet. $125 for the dinner and drinks for the 2 of us.

The food was great, the salad bar was a little weak in it's selection, but the boiled shrimp on the salad bar defiantely made up for the weak selection.

I must admit though I could only FORCE my way through 10 of the 14 meats offered.

I really liked the garlic pork and the parmesan pork. The lamb was very tender and juicy. I loved it, my table companions not so much.

I can't remember the name of the one chicken dish they had that night, but my tongue is still tingling.

All in all was a very good evening with friends.

The down side:

My friend Kris & I are big meat lovers and had not ate anything all day so we totally enjoyed ourselves.

However our wives were not such big meat eaters and had eaten lunch, they did however polish off a huge bowl or 2 or 3 of shrimp off the salad bar.

Amor de Brazil is in Cincinnati, and was really good, if you like MEAT!

I, too, liked Amor de Brazil in Cincinnati. My girlfriend took me there for my birthday, and we liked it so much, we went back for her birthday three months later.

The service was a little slower the second time, but the meat was still phenominal.

I liked the salad bar stuff, but I ate too much of that stuff the first time and filled up. The second time I saved more room for meat.

I see one opened downtown at 5th and Vine. Might have to try it.
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RE: Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? 2007/06/27 16:15:44 (permalink)
Originally posted by twinwillow

Originally posted by Sundancer7

I am in Houston and they are several of them here. I wanted to visit one but they are $45 per copy and no way on earth could I justify that as I could not consume that much beef, pork or chicken or goat.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

Pretty much the same here in Dallas. Too expensive!
I'd rather go to the Capital Grille and pay $32.00+ for a fabulous steak .

More to the "plus" side of $32 here in DC, depending on the size of the steak
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RE: Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? 2007/07/24 11:17:56 (permalink)
So, it sounds like a splurge and an overindulgence. Is the South American steak house worth it? Is it ever your first choice?
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RE: Ever eaten at a Brazilian Steak House? 2007/08/07 23:12:41 (permalink)
In July of 2006, My wife and I spent most of a week in Durango, Colorado. One night we had dinner at “Gaucho Durango” a Brazilian Grille restaurant. We found it to be a unique dining experience. They feature flame-grilled meats served sizzling hot on skewers. The service was very good. We especially enjoyed the atmosphere while dining in their courtyard. We would definitely stop here again should we travel back this way again. I am not certain of the cost but believe it to have been about $50 or so for the two of us (including gratuity).
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