Ex-Rochester Food Freak Logs in For The First Time

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Ex-Rochester Food Freak Logs in For The First Time

I had to make a comment--and a few suggestions-- about your upcoming trip to Rochester.
I grew up there and I remember it as one of the best food-oriented cities anywhere.
Rochester is secretly famous for it's WHITE hots.
Try some around town-- they're great, especially with a little chili and some onions. (The OTHER kind, the red ones-- are called "Texas" hots. "Red" hot is an optional description; Whites are sometimes called "Pork hots" or "porkers" ).
Try them at;
-- Nick Tahou's  on Main, which is the Alpha Dog store. The Original "Garbage Plate" is an amazing meal, as locally notorious as Beef on 'Wick is in Buffalo--their "burgers are worthy, too. Be sure to get some chili topping on it... ;
-- Don and Bob's at Seabreeze ( really, don't miss them; their burgers are remarkable too) or any interesting looking diner;
--And Barney's, out Scottsville Road by the Airport is a fondly remembered spot. They had their own 'fixins bar and had a dozen toppings for their hots.
-- Bars have them too, especially along Monroe Ave in Downtown. Hots are great barfood. Just ask for a red or a white. Or a Texas.

Try an Amiel's sub. It's a homegrown franchise and I remember that their submarine sandwiches were the benchmark for me for years. Their stores are all over town.
There are a lot of little Greek and Italian storefront restaurants to keep you busy for days. Pizza, gyros, steak sandwich places, hot dog joints, diners for breakfast (try the Country Club Diner--if it's still there-- way out Monroe Ave-- great diner breakfasts).
If Campi's  is still around, have one of their "Bomber" steak sandwiches. They sear a half-pound of beef--sliced right in front of you-- and they top it with another half-pound of mushrooms and cheese-- a classic.
And by all means go to the Lake, to Charlotte, and have an original Abbot's Custard.
You could probably have a pretty lively Rochester thread on here. I'm sure a lot of other Rochestarian Food Freaks are members here.
... There is also a classic take-out place, a chicken shack that I have been going to since college. When I was last in Rochester, (2005) it was located on Brooks Avenue at the end of Thurston Road, in a storefront that you really have to look for, but a treat. Some of the BEST fried chicken in a bag I have EVER had, anywhere, and I've been everywhere.
He's just inside the City Line. If he's NOT there anymore, ask around. The neighbors would know where he has moved to now. I have to always find him when I visit, but I always do....
--It's Snuffy's Fried Chicken.
( Sometimes, "Smitty's Fried Chicken").
Genuine Soul Food Chicken, made by a guy who has been frying it since BEFORE Rochester's ugly riots. Cheap. Six bucks, last time I had it.
You get a nice, crispy half-a -bird over a couple slices of white bread, basted in a mustard- based sauce that is to die for, some macaroni salad and a lot of wax paper and napkins.
--Seek Snuffy/Smitty out. You won't be sorry...  
As I said, Rochester is a hell of a food town, loaded with off-the wall places, some with the BEST food I remember.
Hope you have a good trip. I look forward to reading about it.
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