Fast Food Chefs

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2006/04/12 16:47:29 (permalink)

Fast Food Chefs

I wonder if the soup uses 2 kinds of ketchup?

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    RE: Fast Food Chefs 2006/04/12 21:47:09 (permalink)
    mmmmm... packets of peanut butter and tortilla shells..
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    RE: Fast Food Chefs 2006/04/12 21:51:17 (permalink)
    You know what? that is pretty cool. I do the same things when I order at fast food places...well not to the extent of soups. But I will order sandwhiches with different sandwhiches special sauce and stuff...One of my favorites is The McChicken at McDonalds w/ bacon, cheese, and Bic Mac Sauce...thought that one up around 3am after the bar in the drive thru...funny thing was the person who took the order didnt even seem phased by it, and the reciept showed exaclty what I ordered
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    RE: Fast Food Chefs 2006/04/13 03:41:36 (permalink)
    I never worked fast food, but I always want to be let loose in a Taco Bell, because I know I can make something good with free reign! A friend who worked at one said I should try ordering their quesidillia with the new(ish) spicy chicken. She said it was really pretty good!

    Sometimes I will go to Jack in the Box and order the .99 cent Burger, and a Breakfast Jack, and put them together, minus half a bun! I think it's real tasty, especially if it has a tomato. Basically a hamburger with cheese and egg and ham sandwich. Gonna have to do that again soon. For some reason that tastes real good at two am! Thankfully the drive thru is 24 hours!
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    RE: Fast Food Chefs 2006/04/13 13:13:44 (permalink)
    Whenever I get a McDonald's burger I always ask for a couple packets of hot picante sauce and put it on the burger.
    It's the only way for me.

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    RE: Fast Food Chefs 2006/04/13 13:31:55 (permalink)
    This guy has been doing his own creations.
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