"Fast Food for Vegetarians"

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2006/06/29 13:33:31 (permalink)

"Fast Food for Vegetarians"

Hello All,
I started this thread because I' m sick
of seeing the "Does Anyone Like Quiznos?"
thread at the top of the board.
I love meat, burgers and dogs in particular,
however, lately, they have become boring in
the Fast Food world.
I turn to chicken, ahhh, hot and spicy offers
are out there. Yum, Yum, Yum. Then they
become dull, dull, dull.
Due to a limited lunch break, and it is at
night, I am hungry for a new fast food flavour.
Could it be vegetables? Can fast food fangle some
fresh, feisty, flavours from the world of vegetables?
Let the Fast Food establishments steal ideas from other
places...I need something new.
Take Care,


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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/06/29 14:31:31 (permalink)
    I agree. My SO is vegetarian and it makes it really difficult when we're on the road in some places. One good thing would be samosas, the Indian dumpling that is stuffed with potato, peas and other veggies. They have two dipping sauces, one a basil, cilantro paste and a chile paste.
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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/06/29 16:08:54 (permalink)
    I'd like to see one of the major vegetarian food producers branch into fast food- like Yves Veggie Cuisine out of Vancouver or Morningstar or something like that. Yves has a broad enough range of products that they could have every item of a burger or sub place, but the meatless version.

    Some of the fast food places have decent vegetarian but no ethical vegetarian would support an establishment which makes the bulk of its profits from meat sales(burgers,chicken etc).

    I like the idea of better quality sandwiches and salads with more exotic veggies, middle eastern spreads like hummus and baba ganoush and more exciting cheeses like cambazola, goat cheese etc. Pret a Manger in London was like that as was Lina's in France. Even Sainsbury's and Mark's and Spencer's premade sandwiches were more interesting that the packaged ones you can find here.
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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/06/29 16:34:26 (permalink)
    I am not a vegan but a lot of the menu items appeal to me. I did the vegeterian thing about 25 years ago and it worked for about a year. I finally gave up and had a great steak.

    At this stage of my life, I find my appetite and desires a bit different. I believe I would enjoy much more veggies and less fat. It is not a health issue but just taste.

    I would truly enjoy more options on fast food veggies.

    Paul E. Smith
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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/06/29 16:54:55 (permalink)
    There is a link to veg fast food at this site.

    mr chips
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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/07/01 23:36:54 (permalink)
    Gardenburgers are sold at Burgervilles in the Pacific Northwest. McTarnahan"s Ale is also used in their batter for fish and chips.
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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/07/02 01:56:06 (permalink)
    I'm not a vegetarian but just don't prefer meat so much, and am always interested in meatless options wherever I eat. A local drive thru that I like also does the Gardenburger with a sort of Big Mac treatment... their own sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, grilled onions. Why would it be so difficult for the bigger chains to do something similar? Even just the option would be nice... substitute a Garden or Boca patty for one of their regular burgers.

    Or maybe a grilled portabella mushroom burger? Put some roasted red peppers and onions on the grill alongside, and top with cheese. It could even be a half slice of cheese a la McD's Filet O fish. :-)

    Or for the chains that do taco salads, maybe spicy beans (not "refried" brown pasty goo) instead of beef or chicken taco meat?

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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/07/02 09:09:28 (permalink)
    I'm not a vegetarian but I do love an eggplant sandwich every now and then, or one of those veggie / gardenburger patties dressed as a burger, but around here I can't find one other than at a sit down place.
    Re most of the fast food places, you're basically looking at a salad or Spaghetti Marinara (unless you eat fish). Most of the Chinese fast food places have several veggie choices, and there's usually veggie Pad Thai at Thai fast food places.
    I'm tired of chicken too, Fieldthistle, though my husband loves it.

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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/07/02 10:11:41 (permalink)
    Actually McDonalds here has a veggie burger (I believe it is still on the menu)

    Burger King has a BKveggie which I frequently order.

    I would be interested in seeing an all veggie fast food place start- a lot of hardcore vegetarianss/vegans would never eat at BK or McD's based on ethics and uncertainty about if their veg patty came in contact with meat.

    I find ethnic food take out has some of the better veggie options out there. I'm not a vegetarian but tend to eat mostly fish and veggie items when I dine out. I used to be vegetarian but I still wasn't one of those hard core,axe to grind veggie types.
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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/07/09 02:51:01 (permalink)
    My doc wants me to be nearly vegetarian. We shall see. I'm working on it.

    You can get most fast food places to make you a veggie 'burger': ketchup, mustard, pickles, onion, tomato, lettuce, mayo, or any combination thereof, on a bun, for less than a buck. Add cheese & it's 50 cents more.

    Wendy's can make you their taco salad with no meat, it's still just as good. They just don't give you the chili to pour over it. I always ask for an extra sour cream packet & packets of chili hot sauce, although they did just change the taco salad & the dressing on it is very good.

    And sometimes in the morning if I stop for an egg & cheese sandwich of some sort, McD's or BK will sell me a salad w/no meat on it, then I'm being 'good' and don't have to leave work to do it.

    If they had a fast food place where I could drive through & get hummus & fresh veggies, a grilled muenster cheese sandwich on multigrain bread, tomato/cucumber salad in a bit of olive oil & balsamic, caprese salad, grilled eggplant or portabella sandwich, black bean burrito in a spinach tortilla with fresh guac in it, pasta fagioli, spaghetti with oil & garlic, etc, I would eat there/drive through.
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    RE: "Fast Food for Vegetarians" 2006/07/24 21:56:01 (permalink)
    Also try the following.

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