Father's Day

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2006/06/13 14:51:37 (permalink)

Father's Day

I thought it timely to start a thread about Daddys. I' m sure this will be up for debate but I believe I had the best.

Korean Vet (First Cav), father of 8, worked two jobs most of his life, his own father died in his arms from pneumonia on Christmas Eve when my Daddy was thirteen (I think thats why he seemed to have the sweetest and most understanding eyes in all the world, like he was eternally heartbroken.) Folks say I have his eyes, I dunno, but I'll cop to anything I may have inherited from Him.

Best Fisherman around. He used to take me with him to the lake. None of my bros showed an interest, Go Figger! Puds!

Somehow he had the patience of a Saint with me, always called me "Red" and "Jailbird". It sounds derogatory but it wasn't. When I would get locked up Dad would be there with the property bond papers before I was even fingerprinted, kept them in the drawer beside his bed. Used to freak the Sheriff's Dept out, They would say, " I Aint NEVER seen nobody get bond posted that quick!

Said three things to me on a daily basis:

1. "Red, you are TOO tender-hearted."

2. "Red, you could TEAR up an anvil."

3. "Red, you ever gonna 'mount to ANYTHING?"

He taught me to lay block/brick, a bit of carpentry, change the oil in my car, drive a stick shift, shoot a gun, and bait a hook. I worship the ground he walked on.

Thomas Fincher &^%$#

I remember when I got my first open face reel, Mitchell Garcia......I'm sure he wished he had left me with the Zebco....but I wanted ONE LIKE HIS! (What a pain in the ass it was, but I HAD ONE LIKE DADDY!)

Heck, all I ever did was cast, cast and cast.....more action that way, couldn't be still long enough for a fish to bite. Then I would let the fish go he had on that chain thingy. Don't know why he ever took me. He spent more time gettin my line outta limbs than fishin. I always sat and watched him clean the fish I didn't free, time with him was EVERYTHING, he would ....never mind, dont wanna get gory here, I repeat Time With Him Was Everything!

God rest your soul, Daddy. You fishin in the BIG LAKE now.
You will always be my #1 hero, and I love & miss you immensely.



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    John A
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/13 15:06:57 (permalink)
    We recently flew to upstate NY to celebrate my father’s 90th birthday, took the kids and grandchildren with us. My sister arraigned a surprise party at a favorite restaurant/tavern of my mother and father’s; we had 40-50 people there. Got them out by telling them I was taking them there for dinner, both were totally surprised, great party. I saw people that I haven’t seen for 40-45 years, man they’re getting old.

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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/13 15:55:41 (permalink)
    My dad is in his early seventies, and his body is failing him, but not his mind. He still has the most wry, dry, sense of humor I've ever known. He has had running jokes with us for years, where Martha Stewart is his girlfriend, and how he's in constant touch with W Bush (whom he despises). I won't trouble you with them as they are all mostly 'had to be there' type jokes, but trust me, this is a dear, funny man.

    Happy Father's Day.
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/13 18:34:48 (permalink)
    My father passed away 13 years ago.
    Nov 7, 1920 April 15th 1993--The Taxman finally caught up with him!
    But his memory still lives on in the smile on his face on the photo that is on my fridge. (Along with one of mom-she is gone also)
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/13 19:12:03 (permalink)
    My father passed away 19 years ago. I built my house where his garden was. It is on the Tennessee River. I will always miss Kyle Caleb Smith. I miss you Dad.

    My grandchildren is named: 1: Kyle and 2: Caleb

    Paul E. Smith
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/13 23:40:24 (permalink)
    In memory of John William Green Jr
    Lt. USN, South Pacific Theater of Operations, 1943-1947

    21 Sept 1925 - 14 Sept 1995

    One hell of a good Daddy.
    Michael Hoffman
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/14 17:59:18 (permalink)
    Copper, you are one lucky broad.
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/14 18:56:02 (permalink)
    Now I'm realllly getin teary eyed!

    My Dad flew a glider behind enemy lines during WW2. Some kinda spy stuff. He was shot on one mission but let all hurt worse than him go first on the plane back to the hospital.

    And he turned me on to raw steak ( a small peice cut off when we grilled ), oysters, and manudo, and way more! I miss you dad! Hey, who knows, he might hear this!
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/14 19:24:54 (permalink)
    My father was in WWII in the invasion of Okinawa, fought in Southeast Asia for 4 years. He's going to be 83. He still goes to work every day, cuts his grass by hand (3/4 acre), trims the hedges, rakes leaves and has been married to my mother for 55 years. They are AWESOME.
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/14 19:39:17 (permalink)
    Wow llee, sounds like you came by your work ethic honestly! And I'm real jealous of you gettin to go to tha Jazz fest! That food and music sounded great! Wish I was there!!!!! Maybe next year??
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/14 20:13:21 (permalink)
    My dad survived Iwo Jima though he never spoke about it. Mom let a few things out. He died in 1972 at age 47. I do regret that in 1963 I was a too naive 10 year-old for I would love to go back and watch his face for clues every moment we spent at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington, D.C.
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/20 11:51:38 (permalink)

    "Copper, you are one lucky broad."

    Yes, Michael I know this......But BROAD?????? Why not "skirt" or "dame"?????????????


    I was the favorite, although he loved us all.......but I think he favored me because I worshipped him and he knew he could do no wrong in my eyes. Plus all the rest were blonde and blue-eyed, I was a redhead with green eyes, my brothers used to always say I was adopted

    Neighbors used to ask to borrow his chainsaw, heck, my Daddy went and cut the trees/branches down for them. Never quite sure iffen he was that nice or he didn't like to loan out his tools.


    Our next door neighbor was a mechanic and wanted to build a concrete block double garage out back. The dude didn't know $hit about construction. My dad poured the foundation and layed every block, then set the trusses on it. Never charged the guy a dime. Back then we wuz NEIGHBORS!
    He did spank my tail once for climbing up a tree, jumpin onto the roof and having a fort on the guys garage, binocs, Lounge chair and the whole works.

    Indulge me with one more memory..........or not.[:P]

    Dad and I were going somewhere, don't remember, and we came across a broken down car. I swear it was 12 degrees with windchill factor. He pulls over to see if he could be of assistance. Come to find out the man under the hood was a total Prickster and in a such a horrible fit of rage I feared for my Daddy's safety. He was screaming at his woman who was behind the wheel trying to crank it with a black eye. My Daddy said, "just calm down I got tools and we can fix it". He told my Dad to BUTT out and he didn't need his F$%#@^% help. Guess he didnt care his woman was freezin and beat to hell and back.

    Dad came back to our car and said, "Red, get in the back seat."
    He had that look on his face that meant do it and do it now. NO QUESTIONS! I got my little tail in the backseat pronto

    He went back, talked to the woman and brought her back and put her in the front seat next to the heat vents. I just knew that demon was gonna shoot my Dad in the back. We took her to a motel, paid for three nights stay & and gave her $50, no strings. Left that shmuck on the side of the road, I was only about ten but old enough to pray his stones turned to icicles.

    After we got her checked in and were leaving, all my Dad said was, "It wasn't her fault the car wouldn't crank". I think he wished I had not seen that whole incident, but he wasn't gonna leave that woman there either.

    At his funeral in 1998, his family, friends, churchmembers (he helped build with 16 original members), co-workers and neighbors showed up for visitation and took up the room along with the entire reception area. Them long faced dudes that worked there looked freaked out.

    At the funeral it was standing room only, two of the pall bearers were African-American friends he had known for years, and the minister was a woman. The songs I picked were "Amazing Grace" and "Go rest High on that Mountain".

    I'll never forget the funeral procession, I looked in the rear view mirror back several hills and valleys and there were head lights as far as I could see.

    His coffin was draped in the American flag.


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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/20 15:30:59 (permalink)

    Dad in Korea horsing around with his pal that was later his pall bearer.


    My Hero!!!!!!!


    I love you Daddy!


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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/20 19:47:36 (permalink)
    God don't we miss them.

    I was a "mistake" but loved none the less.

    My father died on 26 DEC '76 at 2 am. Ruined Christmas for a number of years.

    WWII, Korea and just a bit of Vietnam. Left w/ a star but basically was kicked out. Ring knocker who ruined his career by becoming an aviator.

    My youngest daughter has his eyes...blue as Paul Newman's. Ice blue and piercing. The oldest got his brains...NHS, Student body pres and personable as the day is long. No one got his musical ability. He played piano, flute and violin...we caan't carry a tune in a bucket.
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    RE: Father's Day 2006/06/21 05:55:27 (permalink)

    Full fathom five thy father lies
    Of his bones are coral made
    Those are pearls that were his eyes
    Nothing of him that doth fade
    But doth suffer a sea-change
    Into something rich and strange
    Sea nymphs hourly ring his knell
    Ding-dong Hark! I hear them ding-dong bell

    - from The Tempest

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