Favorite Pastry

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RE: Favorite Pastry 2003/08/23 01:42:35 (permalink)
My grandmother's yeast cinnamon rolls. Yum. Pastries with cheese-cheese
danish, cannoli etc.
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RE: Favorite Pastry 2003/08/23 02:06:42 (permalink)
Well, it ain't homemade but I liked them growing up and still do. The cook would throw a pat of butter on the grill. On top of the sizzling butter he would lay a Sunbeam Honey Bun fresh out of the package. Top it with bowl. Less than a minute passes, then he would flip off the bowl, turn over the Honey Bun. Seconds later a steaming lightly crisp Honey bun is set on a plate in front of you. For Nickel more, you could get a scoop of fresh Vanilla Ice Cream with it. What a memory!
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RE: Favorite Pastry 2003/08/23 07:24:51 (permalink)
Like others here, I can scarcely think of a pastry that doesn't have a shot at being considered a favorite. But I guess I've got a thing for those sharing names with famous strongmen. So I go along with others in praising the Napoleon, but must add my admiration for the Bismarck as well - both preferably from[url='http://www.wrightsdairyfarm.com/']Wright's Dairy Farm.[/url]
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