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RE: Fish Reuben 2008/02/01 14:13:05 (permalink)
Originally posted by MiamiDon

Doesn't a Filet-o'-Fish have a slice of cheese in it?

Well, sort of. There is a sandwich called Filet-o-Fish and advertised as coming with cheese. But I have my doubts that said sandwich's ingredients is either fish or cheese.

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Re:Fish Reuben 2009/03/22 17:22:58 (permalink)
Crunchy Grouper Buffalo Reuben even better at Charlie's Indian St./Willoughby Blvd. Stuart.
Place named Chantel's over near the Airport has it too. Always slaw, no cheese, thousand island pressed warmly betwen two slices of lightly buttered, marble rye. An oral big-O for sure!!
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Re:Fish Reuben 2009/03/22 18:51:33 (permalink)
I'll try it w/ or w/o tha cheese, and w/ slaw or kraut. All this sounds good to me! But... I'll eat just about anything... and like it! :~)

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RE: Fish Reuben 2009/03/22 22:45:46 (permalink)
Crunchy Grouper Reuben is a big favorite on Sanibel Island, forget the name of the place, upstairs across from the post office,

It's a tradition for us to go there our first night in Sanibel every year, it's an outstanding sandwich, cole slaw instead of kraut, very tasty, getting hungry just thinking about it.

Of course it's no substitute for great reuben, the problem with ordering reuben's on the road is some just suck as places try to "improve" upon the classic so God knows what you end up with when you order one.

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