Flight simulation.

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2006/07/03 01:12:14 (permalink)

Flight simulation.

Hello all,

Is anyone here involved in flight simulation?






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    mayor al
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    RE: Flight simulation. 2006/07/03 10:58:30 (permalink)
    I used FlightSim when it first came out and still have the disc's, but haven't messed with it for a couple of computers!!!(4 years or so)

    I got all excited about the TrainSim when it came out and even got the Cajon Pass module for it so I could 'drive' my own trains up and down the SoCal Mountains. But that got old before I reached the expert level and I haven't used it for a couple of years also.

    I never have been 'into' the games much so I guess I wouldn't be much of a competitor in an online game-ring.
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    RE: Flight simulation. 2006/07/03 12:01:36 (permalink)
    I used Flight Sim when it first came out. I have the 3.5" floppies somewhere.
    I once bought a yoke and foot peddles. It was OK.
    I had one of the first flight simulators on a Macintosh computer. It was little more than a game but did actually let you fly from the perspective of the pilot's seat and had some rudimentary controls. After using it for a few months, I began taking flying lessons. One of the first things the instructor did after I got used to real flying was put me "under the hood" which restricts your view to the outside. I had absolutely no problem controlling the plane on instruments only. In fact, I was better at keeping the plane straight and level that way than looking out at the horizon. He attributed it to my time on the flight simulator.
    The last version of MS Flight Sim I had along with the peddles and yoke was flown by a friend who was an AF C-130 pilot and was training on 747s at the time. He thought it was very realistic and good for practicing real flying.
    Myself, I prefer the real thing and get bored quickly with flight sims.
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    RE: Flight simulation. 2006/07/10 21:24:20 (permalink)
    I was able to try out a chopper flight simulator once at Ft Knox when my ex was there once, does that count? <G>

    I managed to crash and burn in short order!
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    RE: Flight simulation. 2006/07/16 21:27:32 (permalink)
    I fly a massive multiplayer Air Combat Flight Sim called Aces High. Great Fun. and 14.95/mo is a far cry from the $6/hr I used to pay to play SVGA Air Warrior on GEnie..
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