Florida Franks

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2004/02/25 16:41:49 (permalink)

Florida Franks

I've been spending a couple of monthe in the Venice, Fl. area and would like to do some decent hot dogs on the grill at my lodging.

Looking around in the super markets in the area the only sad specimens I have found come in plastic wrappers immersed in some moisturizing juices and are quite small. Oscar Mayer etc.
At home in Ct., I am used to buying decent sized, and decent tasting dogs at the deli section of the markets from such makers as Hummels.

Am I missing something, i.e. going to the wrong markets or do Floridians just not care. Since most are transplanted from elsewhere, others must be missing decent dogs too. Same story at festivals and public venues. The only thing reminiscent of the dogs at home are the prices.

Any suggestions in the Venice Fl. area? No, I am not going to mail order them. Thanks for any help.

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    RE: Florida Franks 2004/02/25 16:54:40 (permalink)
    Do you have any Publix, Winn Dixie or Albertson's stores nearby?? Our Publix has Nathan's and Sabrett's. Sabrett's(according to a rep of theirs)are also in Winn Dixie and Albertson's.
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    RE: Florida Franks 2004/02/25 18:28:22 (permalink)
    Publix and Nathan's, Sabrett's and Hebrew National... all quality dogs. Look in the meat counters instead of where all the hot dogs are. Hebrew Nationals are generally grouped with the Kosher foods and pickles.
    Ort. Carlton.
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Florida Franks 2004/02/25 18:45:48 (permalink)
    When I lived in Florida (1979 sporadically until 1984), I found that Food World had a good selection, too. Lykes Meats in Tampa may have a premium hot dog of some type, as may one of the smaller manufacturers - Copeland's in Alachua (up by Gainesville) or some such. Hot dogs were one item I never particularly looked for.
    There are such things as long-time Floridians, although they are now vastly outnumbered by transplants. My family has lived out in the relative middle of nothing that is now Hardee County since the 1850's. While you won't find any decent hot dogs in places like Wauchula, you will find swamp cabbage, home-grown vegetables, and homemade chorizo that is out-of-this-world... not tomention a cafe' or three with great breakfast biscuits.
    Happy hunting. You're making me marginally homesick for my people's old stomping grounds. (Y'all don't use that expression up in New England!)
    Attempting To Assist, Ort. Carlton in Athens, Georgia.
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    RE: Florida Franks 2004/02/26 08:45:07 (permalink)
    PUBLIX carries Boars Head brand hot dogs that are so yummy..a little more pricey but worth it.
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    RE: Florida Franks 2004/02/26 08:57:22 (permalink)
    Your local Sam's Club carries Best Kosher & Nathan's.
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    RE: Florida Franks 2004/02/26 10:28:22 (permalink)
    get in the car, get on rt75 to Tampa, follow signs to Busch gardens and look for 'MELS"....chicago style, worth a trip. then go for din-din at 'Windy city'Pizza......but if you don't want to drive,follow 'chicagostyledog''s advice and hump over to Sam's club
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