Food Trucks: Newest Rivalry on Campuses

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2012/08/23 08:17:45 (permalink)

Food Trucks: Newest Rivalry on Campuses

I think this article is really interesting. It deals with food trucks on campus and in fact some of the college's are now operating their own food truck.

Colleges of course lease the schools normal food operation to the highest bidder. Then one or two allowed a food truck to come on campus. The food trucks did very well so the college started charging for the  food trucks parking location or a percentage of the gross.Then the vendor that had the contract with the school started complaining about the loss of income caused by the competition from the trucks. So some schools kicked the trucks off campus,while a few of the vendors started building and operating their own food trucks, under their current contract with the college. Geez if the vendors had kept their thumb on the pulse of the students the trucks wouldn't have stood a chance to begin with.

Food Trucks: The Newest Rivalry on College Campuses

Aramark Corp. and Bon Appétit Management Co., two companies that manage food services for universities, say they have seen an increase in demand for college-run food trucks, especially as a way to offer late-night dining options and serve remote areas of campus. Aramark says it will add nine more university-run food trucks this fall, and Bon Appétit says it will add five.

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    Re:Food Trucks: Newest Rivalry on Campuses 2012/08/23 09:18:57 (permalink)
    The Grease Trucks of Rutgers have been a big part of life for Rutgers students...and NJ residents for decades. They have been on many food shows. Man vs. Food did a challenge a few years ago. But...change is in the air.

    It would be so sad to see this change. Change usually means getting screwed.

    For RU Hungry & the rest of the trucks the rival is now Rutgers. Rutgers says they lose money in the deal every year. But the trucks are a tradition for students...and counting pennies as opposed to pissing off Alumni is silly. The trucks all get along fine. The last thing anyone wants to see are squeaky new truck rivals.

    Another sobering thought for anyone thinking about this business. You're never untouchable.

    Aramark has deep pockets. When they come to town...they have plenty of money to throw at a make it go away.
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    Re:Food Trucks: Newest Rivalry on Campuses 2012/08/24 06:13:22 (permalink)
    If there's money to be made, the Big Fish will always devour the Small Fish!
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    Re:Food Trucks: Newest Rivalry on Campuses 2012/08/25 02:51:49 (permalink)
    interesting there are some colleges that dont allow food trucks under any circumstances.  Like university of michigan, asking for a fine even driving down the streets of ann arbor.  I dont get why some cities are just so against it.  If used to cross polinate with restaurants it can cause more revenue for the cities not less
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