Frankies vs. Blackies

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RE: Frankies vs. Blackies 2005/12/04 19:40:53 (permalink)
They were never shut down in Norwalk. I think they just had a few infractions so the score was lower. I hear that the orignal family is going to be taking it over again soon. Hopefully they will clean it up and then it will be back like the old days when I was a kid. Everything was homemade and top quality. It was the best place around.
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RE: Frankies vs. Blackies 2005/12/05 22:27:19 (permalink)
Swankys has opened in Westport on Post Rd E and Church St in the old Dairy Queen, and has also opened in Milford in a strip mall on Red Bush Lane behind the Krispy Kreme.
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RE: Frankies vs. Blackies 2005/12/07 17:31:18 (permalink)
I just read on Chowhound that Doogies in Newington burned down on 11/30. Don't know if they plan to reopen or not.
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RE: Frankies vs. Blackies 2005/12/08 21:13:51 (permalink)
Doogies had an electrical fire. They plan on re-opening in three weeks. The owner isn't even there anymore. He sells furniture in Tennessee. However, if I'm at that end of the Berlin Turnpike, I'll drive the extra five minutes to Rosco's. I only ate at Doogies twice and got sick both times.
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RE: Frankies vs. Blackies 2005/12/12 00:52:29 (permalink)
We had a Blackies nearby in New Boston, Ohio on U.S. Route 52 back when I was a kid. I LOVED that place (and their dogs).

They closed it in 1963 and leveled the empty hull 5 years later.
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RE: Frankies vs. Blackies 2008/06/28 19:11:11 (permalink)
Originally posted by waltpiii

Where is Eddie's on the Berlin Turnpike?


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RE: Frankies vs. Blackies 2008/10/03 09:42:18 (permalink)
Hey Hot Dog fans!
If you like Blackies Relish you need to try a Hot Dog at Big Lenny's Hot Dogs in Rutland Vermont on Route 7 North. To Die for. He also has a homemade sweet red onion sauce and homemade sauerkraut. He's been there 20 years. Good eats!!
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RE: Frankies vs. Blackies 2008/10/03 10:14:38 (permalink)
Originally posted by robvad38

There are THREE Frankies in Waterbury... ... I've always found them to be very good. Their chili dogs are nothing special, but the bacon cheese dogs are fantastic. Blackies is a good dog... ...If your a relish fan, its worth the trip.... ...On a side note, Al's in Naugatuck has one of my favorite dogs in the area. The HIPPO DOG, with bacon cheese chili and kraut. Its wicked good. But to keep with the thread, I perfer frankies over blackies any day of the week.

I must be in heaven as all the places are within a mile from me. The original store is worth checking out with its old drive-up ambiance. I would try their belly clams and fish as I have seen a local purveyor of fresh seafood at the back kitchen door.
I've had the Hippo and posted about it in a trip report. Here is the condensed version of the report.

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